Woman Who Had Nothing Gave Her Love to a Cat She Rescued

A homeless, anonymous, woman was residing at a long-term stay motel outside Houston, USA. She heard the cries of a cat who had been abandoned in the bathroom of another room within the motel. She took action and set the cat free and cared for him. She even bought him a plush toy.

Enrique with his plush toy
Enrique with his plush toy
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Sometime afterwards, the motel’s management requested that the woman give up the cat, whose name is Enrique, or give up her room. She appears to have given up her room and taken the cat together with the plush toy and some cat food to the local rescue centre, the Montgomery County Animal Shelter for rehoming.

All this took place about the middle of November 2015. Enrique is, as far as I am aware, still available for adoption. I would have thought that in his case there was little prospect of him being euthanized because of the stories which have been published online about him.

Rescue centre staff are hopeful that he will be placed in new home quite soon partly because he has such a good character. He is easy-going, gets on with dogs and is a calm cat. You can see in the picture that he is a handsome little tabby and white.

Enrique at shelter
Enrique at shelter

The shelter staff were rightly very impressed by the lady. A shelter employee, Tonya Prudhomme said:

“This wonderful lady cared very much about his well-being. She provided for him even with having very little herself.”

The shelter’s rescue coordinator said:

“There she was with nothing… There but for the grace of God go I.”

The shelter is now not only caring for Enrique (if he has not yet been adopted) but have a genuine concern for the lady who rescued him. They want to find out whether they can help this lady but first they have to find her. Apparently she failed to provide adequate personal information for them to be able to locate her easily. However, they’re still hopeful.

The old maxim: “don’t judge a book by its cover” comes to mind. This lady is homeless and it seems almost penniless but she is good. She has a kind heart but she is anonymous. She deserves praise and help to get her on her feet if that is what she wants. Her kindness deserves to be rewarded. Society should reward good people who are not part of the establishment and who are sometimes outsiders.

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