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Woman with 13 cats discriminated against by boiler insurance company — 2 Comments

  1. I’m sure it was blatant discrimination to her and the cats. Men are especially guilty of that, and I’m also sure that if it were a man and his dogs, it wouldn’t have been an issue. I myself bought my first home which is 595 sq ft (small) and for three years in particular I had 15 cats. The numbers increased up to and decreased after that period. They weren’t a problem for me or any of my visitors and wouldn’t have been for the gas or electric company or anyone I did business with. I don’t understand the boiler situation but I’m glad she could begin dealing with someone else. People really need to stop being so petty and mean, personally and professionally.

    • Yes, I am sure it was a man (the engineer) who thought “crazy cat lady” and dismissed her as mad. He probably disliked cats as well and it all worked together to discontinue the contract. I feel fairly confident that she could sue for breach of contract. She appears to have a drink problem but I can’t be sure.

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