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Woman’s ‘disability’ sparked an empathy for disabled cats

Margot and Zimes. Photo: Margot.

Margot Tamar Riemer has cystic fibrosis. It is an inherited condition and she probably does not call it a disability. I have because there is a natural symmetry to Margot’s ‘disability’ and her empathy towards cats with disabilities. She is drawn to helping them. This is a positive that can be drawn from a negative. You’ll find this process occurring silently over and over again in the human population. It takes a certain amount of suffering in humans to open their minds to the suffering of others.

Through her inherited illness Margot is able to sense what it is like to be different and she said that if she were a cat at a shelter needing special care and treatment she’d be left behind as no one would adopt her. This makes her want to adopt cats with disabilities like the one suffered by Zimes who had a really terrible start in life when he was attacked by a pitbull dog set on him and other cats as a kitten.

Some of the other cats were killed. Zimes’ jaw was badly injured which in adulthood results in his tongue hanging out permanently. It’s kinda cute except the cause of it is not. It’s ugly and the ugliness comes from human behaviour. Margot does not know if the man who owns the pitbull was punished. I suspect not.

As is the case with all animal lovers, Margot loves the way they accept you as you are. They don’t judge, mock or reject if you are not ‘normal’. She wants to payback that blind acceptance by reciprocating it. reports that Margot admitted that she was depressed before she met Zimes. She goes on to say:

But he became a light of hope for me, and I know adopting and rescuing an animal like him can give a person so much. When you rescue animals, it is not only for them, it also fills your soul with joy and love.

Well said Margot. Rescuing animals and giving your time and efforts to them is rewarded not with money but with personal wellbeing. It has also made her and him celebrities on the internet. They have their Facebook page. Zimes’ disability does not prevent him eating normally.

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