Woman’s scarf with cat motif

I am interested in whether this sort of product appeals to cat lovers and cat rescuers. I’d like to hear from people involved in cat rescue. You can’t always be up to your eyes in cat litter and food bowls. There must be moments when you go out for a meal or to the theatre when a scarf like this, which I think looks nice, could be used. Or do you all shun these sorts of products and stick to practical clothes. I know one or two at least who I have met on Facebook who’d wear something like this.

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Woman's scarf with cat motif
Woman’s scarf with cat motif
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1 thought on “Woman’s scarf with cat motif”

  1. I’ll stop in my tracks and do an about face while reaching for my wallet when I see nice quality cat apparel. ( for humans ) The artwork on the cats has to be nice not tacky and cheap weird looking. I have a lot of cheap cat motif clothes mostly worn at home. Or when up to my eyeballs in litter.


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