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Women tend to prefer men who have dogs as pets rather than cats — 5 Comments

  1. Actually, that is not true for me. I prefer cats myself. Although, I have had the honor of having cats and a dog living with me in my home for many years. They all got along great! Actually, in today’s society any man who loves an animal and is not afraid to show it is perfect!

  2. In a social media world people make assumptions over someone’s personality over a few pictures. Men and women should keep in mind that in many dating sites pets are props for more contacts.
    Considering the over 50% divorce rate it’s obvious men and women are focusing on the right criteria for a mate. If I was judging someone based on a choice of pet I would always choose a cat owner. Dog owners are controlling and cat lovers ( we don’t own them ) have to be more flexible and accepting. I am of course talking about acceptable animal care which of course you can’t discern from any picture.
    As to the crazy cat lady label I have plenty for dog owners. Most of them include words that describe inconsiderate and anti social behaviors.

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