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Women who have a cat and have just become pregnant should read this — 5 Comments

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  2. Lets get real here. Clean litter boxes on a regular basis. I sit mine in the sun for a few cays after mild bleaching. Change the litter on a regular basis. If the litter box looks like a crap cake you are failing your cats. Wear disposable gloves and wash your hands after handling the waste. That should go without saying but you know…Wear shoes I have clogs I wear in the litter box room and no where else. Invest in an electric broom or stick vacuum. Like most of you my time during the week is limited and dragging out Optimus Prime isn’t something I’m thrilled about doing. It goes without saying that the partner in the home should take up litter box duty.
    While it’s well know to most cat owners where Toxoplasmosis comes from it can be scary and don’t count on your human doctor as a reference for information.
    Last thought. If you are so scared of catching Toxoplasmosis from your cat why did you get one in the first place probably knowing you would choose to reproduce before the cat had passed of natural old age ? That cat has a right to live in it’s home and not be discarded like yesterdays trash.

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