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“Women Who STILL Love Cats Too Much”: Is this Possible? — 27 Comments

  1. my cats are so comforting and wonderful healers. when i go to bed at least one of them will sit on me and start purring, sometimes for hours. since i have stress issues, i find that when one of my cats starts purring, i calm down quickly and before i know it i am asleep. thank you jo for this wonderful article — pawsome as usual.

  2. No such thing as loving too much. As the song goes… “Anyway they want it, that’s the way they’ll get it.”
    We signed up for this task and are obligated to follow it through.
    If we don’t put our cats’ desires and needs before our own, we are failures and think of them as “only cats”.
    I’ll be the first to say that I bow to their needs and demands. I am up by 2 AM every day and am very sensitive to their temperature needs and other comforts.
    They allow me to live here, and I’m very grateful.

    • Wow Dee, you have an early start to your mornings. That must be hard going if you also work full time. Do you actually cook meals for them at that time of the morning?

      I get up at 06.30 so that I have time to feed 4 cats and allow them a short visit to the garden, then they are ready to come indoors before I leave for work. As I never get to bed before midnight, I don’t think I’d have the energy to hold down a full time job if I was also getting up in the middle of the night to cook them a meal. Thankfully I’ve never had a cat who asked to be fed at those times. Usually they’re fast asleep on the bed next to me.

      • It’s crazy, but I have a strict routine.
        Up at 2 AM to feed my 26 indoor cats. Then, my 18 indoor/outdoor cats come in to feed. Then, there are 12 ferals on my deck to be fed.
        Then, I head to the woods to take care of my 3 colonies that total around 75.

        And, no, I don’t work anymore because I contracted Hep C from a patient many years ago that will be my demise at some point, even being on a transplant list. I was a nurse for many, many patients, and this was my reward.

        • Dee you’re amazing 🙂 I bet those cats can’t believe their good fortune to have found their way into your care.

          I’m sorry to hear of your health problems. What cruel irony you contracted it whilst caring for others.

        • 131 cats doesn’t mean you’re a cat-hoarder, no, not at all.

          And just how does an unemployed nurse provide for the food, welfare, sterilizations, and vet-care of 131 cats?

          I think it’s time someone was sent to investigate to see how many have to be euthanized to end their suffering.

          Nice “friends” you keep, Michael.

          • For hanging out at cat sites for so long, you haven’t learned much, Jim.
            Legitimate rescue groups that are invested in fostering and TNR provide nearly all of the services that you listed, 24/7 and free of charge.
            FYI, 3 of my ferals recently had surgery for nasopharyngeal polyps, and the fee was NOTHING! Why don’t you know these things, Jim?
            Sometimes, when we keep our heads stuck up our own -ss, we can’t keep up with reality. How do you deal with birds from such a contorted position?

          • Jim, just go away and stop being so cruel.
            Or, learn what the terms “fostering until adopted” or “feral colonies” mean. That’s not hoarding.
            I can hardly believe that you are so senseless about the difference, as much useless time that you spend here.
            But, you’re so hell bent on spewing your nonsense that there is no room for logic.
            Don’t you have some birdie butts to kiss?

  3. I don’t think it’s possible to love cats too much, but I did once read an article written by a cat behaviourist (Claire Bessant?) in which she described some of the more extreme cases she’d dealt with, where owners were putting their cats desires before their own needs.

    One lady was getting up at 3am every day to cook fresh fish for her cat because “that was when he liked to eat”. Having a full-time day job to go to, the poor lady was exhausted through lack of sleep, but didn’t want to change her cat’s meal times in case it made him unhappy.

    Another lady had turned her heating down so low that she needed to wear a coat and boots indoors to keep warm. Apparently her cat didn’t like it if the house was too warm, so she kept the heating down to a level he was most comfortable with.

    Much as I love my cats, I’m afraid I will always be in control of the thermostat in our home 😉

  4. Wish I could thumbs-up all those great comments! And as for my position: You said it eloquently, Jo: “Purrsonally I think that cats deserve to be cherished, fussed over and spoiled. They have earned that right!” OH, YEAH. There’s no such thing as too much love. If that’s “addiction”, then consider me guilty as charged, and give me a life sentence with no possibilty of parole!

  5. What you should do is play with your cat MORE and make areas by windows so she can sit in a window and look outside. I even feed birds and have a bird bath right outside my windows. My cats love it. I wouldn’t sprinkle water on her as punishment. Get a laser light to play with them and make them run around and tire them selves out. And if you only have one cat GET HER A FRIEND. One cat is lonely. I did it years ago and learned that most cats don’t like being all alone. Good luck 🙂

    • Carrie, I appreciate your interest, but I do play with my cat in the morning and at night. I have many toys for her, and I have bird baths, and feeders for her entertainment on my enclosed porch. She has her choice of several windows to look out of. I’ve arranged my room so she can jump up on several levels, and sleep in various spots. I buy kitty grass for her. I can’t get another cat, and actually my housemate has a cat, and she chases my cat whenever they’re in the same room. So, we keep them apart.

      She was a feral for over a year, so she may be yearning for that freedom again, but that’s not safe, so I won’t let her go out willingly, except with a harness and leash. I’ve done that before, and she picked up so many fleas from the grass. I use a flea treatment, though I don’t like to.

      So, she has more than many cats, and I’m with her all day. I’ve bought cat videos, which she doesn’t watch. So, now I’m just wanting to find a way to soothe her frustration from not being able to do out.

      • Hi Sandra,Have you ever tried feliway plug in and the spray bottle.it releases the pheromones that cats release and can help calm them down if they are stressed.I have noticed it helps with 3 of my cats but my other cat it did nothing for,it just depends .I have one plugged in and spray other areas and overall it does calm the 3 of them.my other cat has been put on prozac has he has a chemical imbalance and that is all that has helped him…As for loving cats too much I am guilty of that for sure.my cats are my world and I love them and do anything for them.I would rather stay home with them than go out.they are my everything.

  6. I plead guilty to this one.

    Last year my employer decided to upgrade all our computers. I went around and collected seven big computer boxes. Very sturdy. Took them home and constructed a split level kitty condo with two upper decks. Cut windows and doorways, padded the bottoms with those thin cheap fleece blankets. Samirah lounges on the second level and watches the traffic outside but she also watches tv sometimes. I notice she is a big fan of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Something tells me I should be worried about that….

  7. I do admit, I have cat hair on every piece of clothing I wear, and I really don’t care. It’s a losing battle with a long haired cat, even though I have blankets for every chair, and I put them on me before she jumps in my lap.

    Her health and well-being are my top priorities, because when she’s not well, I’m extremely stressed, and that affects my well-being.

    Right now my big issue is that she really wants to go out, and is crying pitifully at the door to be let out. I tell her “no”, and sometimes even sprinkle water on her. I’m wondering about getting something to calm her, but not a tranquilizer, something natural I can put in her food, or drop in her mouth. Any suggestions?

    • Sandra: Zylkene is a food additive you might want to try. It’s said to help cats feel more relaxed and can safely be used long term. Although it’s derived from a milk protein (casein) Zylkene is lactose free.


      I tried Vine from the Bach Flower Essences range on Sophie as it’s recommended for calming aggressive or despotic cats, but it had no effect on her whatsoever.

    • I know exactly how you feel when your cat is not well. It is terribly stressful. The worst time is when a cat has a chronic illness leading to towards death. God that is awful. I have been through it twice and for months I was stressed trying to live normally.

    • Sandra, I tried Jackson Galaxy’s Spirit Essences on Samirah last year. I can’t really tell if it worked on her, but maybe you could give it a shot.

      You can choose other essences by what her issues are. I picked out the ones that fit Samirah’s situation, Stress Stopper and Trauma Relief. Stress Stopper went into her water, Trauma Relief went into her wet food, just a couple drops a day.

      I wouldn’t recommend Prozac either. My girl refused to eat it once she figured out I added it to her wet food. I think they can smell it, even tho it’s a very small pill. Maybe a motorized play toy would catch your furkid’s fancy?

    • I have a kitty that lived on the street before coming to live with us. He really wanted to be outside and my kitties are inside cats. I tried many things for Marty. Finally I made a kitty porch (with the help of a friend) using trellis. He is so happy, I put a kitty door in plexis glass and put it in the window so the kitties can go in & out when they want. Marty is so happy, I find him out in the Kitty Porch at 3AM just watching everything, and he is SAFE. It was worth every $ I spent. In fact with my new guy we made a 2nd enclosure in the back yard 12’X12′, I have 4 kitties now and they love it and I can go be with them.

      I tried to add a photo but it didn’t let me

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