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Women’s refuges really should take family pets — 8 Comments

  1. Massachusetts passed a law a few years ago that now allows pets to accompany women in shelters due to domestic abuse. The sad reality is that women (and men) remain in their abusive situations because they fear for their furry companion. Not all shelters here are equipped to take in pets; however, efforts are made to the best of their ability. Homeless shelters here are not mandated to accept pets with the homeless, which to me, makes no sense. Hopefully, they also will join the 21st century in that regard.

  2. During natural disasters, pets were not allowed to come when their owners were rescued. Finally, policies on taking animals with their owners changed. If I recall, there were cases of owners who would not leave their pets, and as a result, they died. Thank God policies are changing, but I would have thought women’s shelters would be much further ahead than they are by now.

    • You are correct about rescue. The change in policy resulted in many more pets being saved in subsequent hurricanes. It is something that really must happen. You can’t divorce people from their companion animals under these circumstances.

  3. I have found a shelter in Phoenix, AZ that also allows pets whether cat, dog, fish ,bird or any other species. I have been donating to them ever since I found them. I wish there were more shelters like them.

  4. Yes, I read of this dilemma years ago and I’m dismayed to hear it’s still not resolved in favor of the women’s pets, except of course for this refuge in Canada. Other countries are pulling ahead of the U.S. in ways they hadn’t before… even China (is becoming more green!). Thanks Mr. President jackass.

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