Wonderful but Tragic Photograph of Old Man and His Rescued Cat

This is an excellent photograph but it tells a tragic story of the loss of this man’s house, his cats and his hens; but one cat survived. Turkish people are known to like cats. And the country is the home of the Turkish Van and Turkish Angora cat breeds. Incidentally, they are both the same cat breed in their origin but the West decided to create two cat breeds out of one street cat.

Ali Mese lives in Ordu Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. He tried to light his fire inside his house with gasoline and he burned his house down. That is what we are told by the Daily Mail.

He loves his cats. He kept several and some hens. They all died in the fire except for one cat: the one that you see in the photograph.

Ali was burned in the fire but he has been to hospital and been patched up and reunited with his cat.

I just think that it is one of the best cat rescue photographs that I have seen. It is poignant and full of emotion as both cat and owner are traumatized immediately after the fire that burned his house down.

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    • Thanks for offering Joe. Really nice of you. I don’t think we can help. Too far away. Too complicated. But if you find a way I’ll donate something.

  1. It’s painful to see. Whenever there’s a fire and animals die, it hurts my heart as I think of what terror they must have been in. But praise God that this one survived, and he or she is such a comfort to the old man.


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