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Words of a Cat Hater 1921 — 10 Comments

  1. Interesting article. I’d never heard of Rockwell Sayre. It may have been a different era, but attitudes haven’t changed.

    It seems there will always be a small section of society who view cats as vermin who should be exterminated. I can’t think of another animal who has been singled out for such venom and hatred, as the cat.

  2. I’ve always believed that people who hate cats have something mentally wrong with themselves…i feel that cats are one of gods greatest gifts to earth..they have helped me through some very hard times..

    • I completely agree. Being as objective as I can, there is no doubt in my mind that cat haters have something wrong with them mentally. There is no need to hate cats. There just isn’t.

      • Michael and Kevin. . . I agree as well. . . God put the anipals on this earth to be our companions and to show us what His unconditional love is all about. . . Cats are the VERY BEST at showing this!! ♥♥♥

        • Well said, Diane. Mrs Kessler made a good point when she said that people who dislike cats have something harsh in their nature. She was being polite. I could use stronger language but I will not this time except to say that they are slightly mad!

  3. Good morning, Michael!

    Thanks for reminding us that crazy has always been out there. Since Sayre advocated killing cats I think it’s totally ironic and very fitting that in 1930 he was shot to death by his own son. Just like today’s trolls Sayre talked tough but he couldn’t handle anything bigger than a cat. Good for the son. No great loss.

    • I should have mentioned that he was killed by his son. Thanks for reminding me. Thank you too for pointing out this article to me. I found it interesting. Interesting in that there is the same small segment of the population who have an natural distaste and hatred for the domestic cat today as existed in the early part of the 20th century.

      • No problem, Michael! You’re welcome!

        I found that interesting too. That small segment of the population is probably inbred to each other and will never go away.

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