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  1. My Maine Coon, Kimmie passed away 3 mo ago. Had her for 17yrs. Sometimes she’d fall asleep with me but every morning she would gently wake me up ny purring & giving me a message. She always massaged the soarest muscles. Starting out as a 2 mo old kitten, she would sleep on my neck until she got to large.

    When it was time for me to stop working on the computer, she would lay lengthwise across the keyboard. As a kitten, she would sit on the monitor. After she got to large for that, she would camp out to one side of the keyboard. She was always near and sometimes a lap cat.

    She was an excellent hunter! It was truly amazing how high she could jump. She never over ate & stayed slim, trim, & muscular. I loved her personality & miss her, terribly.

    • Gosh, Kimmie sounded like a beautiful cat and a great companion. I know how you feel her loss. I have suffered the same sort of loss and for me it does not go away. I wish you the best of luck. Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

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