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World’s Biggest Cat — 4 Comments

  1. Are ligers not on the black market? I thought they died really quickly and were considered a ‘human made’ species and a ‘freak worse than that of nature??’ And if you were to get one, where would you? I’m not trying to be like some evil animal poerson – im really not. I am doing animal management at college, and am merely interested

    • Hi, I don’t think ligers are on the black market. You’ll see them in some private zoos. There are not many of them but they are out there in these zoos. People who like to keep semi-domesticated tigers and lions in backyard zoos sometimes like to breed ligers. They are larger than lions and tigers (hybrid vigor) but as far as I know don’t live short lives unless there is massive inbreeding which is quite possible. It all depends on the individual cat it seems.

      They are entirely man-made and horrible. No one should breed ligers in my opinion. It is entirely unnatural and the process is entirely for human entertainment.

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