World’s Biggest Cat

F2 Savannah cat
F2 Savannah cat. The camera angle gives the impression that this very large domestic cat was bigger than its true size. Photo: Kathrin Stucki (taken around 2009).
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What is the world’s biggest cat? – people want to know. You’re about to find out. This page was written a long time ago and was seen hundreds of thousands of times. The information remains accurate. The page has been checked, brought forward and re-dated.

I think that we have to look at individual cats and breeds and then differentiate between domestic and wild. Before I do that let me say that the largest individual cat at 2019 is Hercules a Liger; see base of page. My research indicates that Hercules is still alive.

Hercules, at the time, the world's largest cat, with Doc Antle
Hercules, at the time, the world’s largest cat, with Doc Antle

“Hercules, the largest non-obese liger, is recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest living cat on Earth, weighing 418.2 kg (922 lb). Hercules was featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Anderson Cooper 360, Inside Edition, and in a Maxim article in 2005, when he was only three years old and already weighed 408.25 kg (900 lb).”

Domestic cat breed

This is a bit tricky because some pure wild cats are now domesticated. I am thinking of the Serval, a medium small wild cat that can, with great care, be a domestic cat, if tamed and trained properly. If included the Serval wins this poll or indeed any wild cat! But I don’t think this is the information people are looking for. The next cat down from a wildcat that is big is an F1 or F2 Savannah. F1 stands for first filial and F2 for second filial. Filial means generation.

The top breeders of the Savannah is A1 Savannahs managed by Martin & Kathrin Stucki (it changed hands several years ago and the Stuckis now run a hotel in Montana as I recall). The heading picture is one of her F2 Savannahs and it gives a very clear indication of the size of this cat breed. Many people were surprised to see a domestic cat that size when I first published it although the angle enlarges the cat. I’ll get right to the point. The F1-F2 Savannah is the worlds biggest cat (domestic cat that is). Here she is! F1 Savannah MAGIC (as at 2019, I believe that she is still alive and living in California):

The videos are of a female F1 Savannah cat called MAGIC (Scarlett’s Magic) from the famous A1 Savannahs cattery. MAGIC’s father was a serval cat and her mother a Savannah cat. She is 16-month years old at the date of the video (Sept. 2009) and she is spayed. She is probably the World’s Biggest Cat (true domestic cat that is). See more Savannah cat videos.

Update: It is official. MAGIC is the Guinness Book of Records World Tallest domestic cat. It is a slightly strange title but it means the measurement to the shoulder. She is an incredible 43.43 centimeters (17.1 inches) high. Now that tells us quite a lot about the complexities of awarding that award. Is MAGIC the longest too? This is to come. And what is a domestic cat. Now that is a big question….

The Savannah can be found under a different name – the Ashera and/or Ashera GD (hypoallergenic variety). This cat is bred by cat breeders for Life Style Pets Inc. (Allerca cats is their trading name). This means incidentally that the F1 Savannah cat is probably naturally hypoallergenic!

If you’re thinking of the world’s biggest purebred cat, totally domestic cat (meaning no wild cat parents), the Maine Coon does it across the board. Fantastic cat. The Maine Coon is the largest breed registered by the Cat Fanciers Association.

very big Maine Coon cat

His name is Shooter – photo copyright wendyophoto

Update: June 2018: The two Maine Coons below are not officially the largest Maine Coons in the world but one of them might well be because you can’t take the Guinness World Records as the ultimate arbiter of the largest. It depends if the owner bothers to report their cat to this book publisher.

Picture of monster Maine Coon
Photo: Pinterest
Humongous Maine Coon
Humongous Maine Coon

Wild Cat Species

I’ll keep this short. The biggest wild cat is the tiger (weight up to about 675 lbs for males but the heaviest was apparently a cat called Amur weighing 1025 lbs). See Tiger and Wild Cat Species by Size

Individual cat

Really tricky if you want to really know the truth. The point is are we looking at all cats or domestic cats? Guinness Book of Records doesn’t really help. The picture below is circulating around the internet (at 2010) so I’ll have to presume that it is published under creative commons or by permission. Is it a Photoshop job? Doesn’t look like it too me. The other very large cat that you frequently see on the internet (white cat) is a manipulated image.

large cat

Above is ginger cat is a male Maine Coon/Siberian type (probably not purebred). This is a cat that is heavily featured on the internet – heavens knows why. Male Maine Coons can weigh as much as 25 lbs and this cat looks about that weight. Of course, you can’t ignore the F1 Savannah MAGIC. As I say you will probably find one of the largest domestic cats amongst the F1 Savannah cats.

Clearly, you can’t include fat cats in this category because that it artificially increasing the weight but not the true size of the cat. But if you did there are stories of 35-41 lb domestic cats. This is about 5-10 lbs more than the biggest domestic cats of normal weight.

As for Maine Coons (a natural choice for largest domestic cat), the picture below always comes to my mind as one of the largest domestic cats that I have seen and I have seen thousands. I don’t know the cat’s name or the name of the owner. Their head size is similar!

Big Maine Coon
Big Maine Coon. Photo in public domain.

Motzie, an F2 Savannah, is close to being the the world’s biggest domestic cat on a measurement to the shoulder. But an F1 like MAGIC above in the video will nearly always be bigger and is now declared the tallest. Motzie is an F2 Savannah cat owned by Deborah-Ann Milette. He is a fine cat, a friendly cat and he assists children! True. He is from A1 Savannahs as well and he might be the world’s most famous domestic cat (at around 2008):

Motzie on a Jaguar car

Motzie is an F2 Savannah — This is a copyrighted image.

The largest wildcat, albeit captive at one time was a Liger and I think still is at 2010 (a cross between tiger and lion). See Liger Pictures – Hercules. The size is possibly due to “hybrid vigor” although the owners are not sure. When you cross two different species of cat or breed of cat the first offspring are bigger sometimes. Below is a video of Hercules.

That’s it folks………

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Worlds Biggest Cat

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Jan 16, 2012CUTIE PIE


Nov 17, 2011News Flash- Old News!!!
by: Anonymous

A1’s Scarlet Magic is no longer the tallest cat but has been ousted by a few inchs to Savannah Island Trouble who is an F2 savannah. He is the present title holder. That means he has only a bit of Serval heritage while Scarlet is 1/2 serval- her father is a serval. The longest cat is a Maine Coon.

Oct 18, 2011I wrote it
by: Michael

Response to last comment. Yes, there is quite a lot about the F1 Savannah cat Magic (born and raised at A1 Savannahs) on this page. That is because she is a special cat, a Guinness Records cat and I made the videos! I guess the last point is a good reason to put them on this page. I have got to get some reward for all the work I do!

But it is a very fair and accurate appraisal I think as I cover all the angles.

Oct 18, 2011Advertisement?
by: Anonymous

Sounds like this was written by A1 Savannahs cause it is not very objective.

Jul 31, 2011WHAT I THINK
by: frosty

the cats r soo big i always think my cat us big he big but he not the bigest cat

Jul 14, 2011CAT
by: Anonymous

very funny

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May 30, 2011OMFG
by: Anonymous

My name is Savannah Tooooooo! :0

Feb 26, 2011oh my god
by: iain and karen

i will never complain again about our cats shitting in the bath

Feb 26, 2011o my god
by: iain and karen

i will never complain about our cats shitting in the bath again

Dec 27, 2010Hi
by: Cheeseburger

My name is Cheeseburger Von Ketchup. Bow down to me and feel the wrath of my buns!!!

Oct 25, 2010From the Hillbillys in West Virginia
by: Anonymous hi i am a person and i like cats!!!!

Sep 20, 2010Magic is awesome
by: Jeff where can I go to pet Magic?

Jul 04, 2010cats
by: abby wow I didn’t know cats could get so big!!!My cat is small but not 2 small

Jul 04, 2010cats
by: abby wow I didn’t know cats could get so big!!!My cat is small but not 2 small

Jul 01, 2010they are so cute
by: Aimee they are so funny and cute so where do i go to do this kind of things?

Jun 10, 2010mam dost velku macku
by: Anonymous vazi 11 kg 35 cm do visky a ked sa natiahne ma 85 cm do dlzky je to miesanec

Jun 01, 2010Big cats
by: Michael Sorry I have just seen your comment. The biggest domestic cats are wild cat hybrids.

And A1 Savannahs in Oklahoma, USA breed F1 (first generation) wild cat hybrids (Serval to Savannah cat).

I would start with them. Google search for “A1 Savannahs”. The F1’s cost tens of thousands of US dollars as far as I am aware but they are probably the most outstanding domestic cats in the world.

Michael Avatar

May 18, 2010where can i buy one?
by: Anonymous i have four short haired bengal cats. they grow to a max of 7 kg’s but i really want an enormous cat. where can i purchase such cats? BTW, a setback is that i live in bangladesh. Can someone also inform me about how much they cost?

May 09, 2010World’s Smallest Cat
by: Michael By way of contrast here is a page about the world’s smallest cat:

Smallest Cat in the World

And the smallest cat breed:

Smallest Breed of Cat

Michael Avatar

Mar 31, 2010Yea!!
by: Anonymous Nice pics of big cats /i love them*!!

Mar 20, 2010Big Cats
by: Anonymous Great Pictures, of the Big Cats just Love them/

Mar 20, 2010Big Cats
by: Anonymous Great Pictures, of the Big Cats just Love them/

Mar 09, 2010Look some more
by: Anonymous You should see Verissimo Leo. He’s a Maine Coon cat who weighs 35 pounds and his feet will fit in a size 2 child’s shoe. He was also in the Guiness Book of World Records. When he stands on his hind legs he can put his head and paws over a child gate, or reach a door knob.

Jan 10, 2010wrong
by: Anonymous so wrong to keep should be wild animals as pets , almost as bad as destroying their environments for profit.

Nov 26, 2009Response to last comment
by: Anonymous The ocelot is a cat and the cats on this page are Savannah cats and a serval except for the tiger/lion hybrid.

Nov 26, 2009WOAH
by: Anonymous most of these look like ocelots. not cats.

Sep 22, 2009MAGIC — World’s Biggest Domestic Cat
by: Michael I have today (22nd September 2009) received confirmation from Kathrin Stucki of A1 Savannahs (who bred MAGIC) and Kim and Lee Draper who own MAGIC, a female F1 Savannah cat, that she is the Guinness Book of Records world’s biggest domestic cat. I’ll get back with the exact title. Here is another video:

You can see large format videos here:


Sep 13, 2009Last comment
by: Michael Thanks for the comment. I had always wondered about this well known picture.

Sep 12, 2009Large Ginger Cat
by: Anonymous I used to know the person who posted the original photo on the web, the cat belongs to her aunt and is a moggy/lynx hybrid.

I haven’t spoken to the girl in over a year now though, i have no idea if the cat is still alive either. I just remember her telling me what he was.

Jun 21, 2009Some Video Updates
by: Michael (PoC Admin) Well, as I said, the Serval, although a wild cat, can be a tame cat and make a great cat companion or pet but although all domestic cats retain an element of wild cat the Serval will retain much more despite being tamed. Here is a video though of a great male Serval that behaved like a very large domestic cat. You could play with him and pick him up etc. (I did and he felt pretty heavy!).

Then here is an F1 Savannah in an outside enclosure at A1 Savannahs:

This link takes you to page about the Serval as a domestic cat: Serval and this page as a wild cat: Serval Cats

Finally about the picture heading this page. Remember that the camera angle and camera lens will exaggerate the size of the cat in relation to the person behind, who is Martin Stucki.

Jun 10, 2009Sorry I am late answering this!
by: Michael (PoC Admin) I am over a year late! I missed this question. The smallest cat at one time was a cat called “Pete”. You can see him on the teacup cat page. Very small domestic cats are about 3 lbs minimum and a very small wildcat is the Rusty Spotted Cat at about 3.5 lbs.

The difference between the biggest at about 1000 lbs (liger) and a 3 lb domestic cat is extraordinary. One is 333 times heavier than the other.

May 04, 2008Worlds biggest and smallest
by: Anonymous Thanks for this. Could you please tell me what is the smallest cat!?

I want to know, now that you have told me about the biggest….

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4 thoughts on “World’s Biggest Cat”

  1. Are ligers not on the black market? I thought they died really quickly and were considered a ‘human made’ species and a ‘freak worse than that of nature??’ And if you were to get one, where would you? I’m not trying to be like some evil animal poerson – im really not. I am doing animal management at college, and am merely interested

    1. Hi, I don’t think ligers are on the black market. You’ll see them in some private zoos. There are not many of them but they are out there in these zoos. People who like to keep semi-domesticated tigers and lions in backyard zoos sometimes like to breed ligers. They are larger than lions and tigers (hybrid vigor) but as far as I know don’t live short lives unless there is massive inbreeding which is quite possible. It all depends on the individual cat it seems.

      They are entirely man-made and horrible. No one should breed ligers in my opinion. It is entirely unnatural and the process is entirely for human entertainment.

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