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World’s Biggest Tabby Cat?! — 10 Comments

  1. My cats are known for being big 🙂 my now retired female his mom is over 15 pounds and it is not fat… people mistake my females for large males 🙂 I think it is just the bloodlines and all the special love they get. I stay true to them and most of the cats reach well over 20 + pounds easy the first year and they grow for over 3 years. It is an awesome breed I just shipped a 13 week old kitten who weighed over 5 pounds already. I also feed a high quality diet no junk OTC cat foods, only organic and grain free and I start them all out on raw as babies with a good exotic vitamin over their food. Thank You kylee & Michael

    • I think you have a family of cats that are the world’s largest! I have never heard of a group domestic cats that are so large. I still can’t get over the size of Diego. He is almost like a wild lynx in size.

  2. LOL he is a big boy but not all of them reach his size 🙂 this is him sleeping next to a large adult neutered male. Size comparison

  3. This is an adult over 6 ft.3in tall holding Diego he is a Highlander kitten I sold he was 34 pounds here and has now hit 39 pounds. He is leashed trained and the adult holding him is a tall person, not a child. Using camera effects holding the cat close to the camera all add to what might look bigger than it is. He is all muscle no fat and one big hunk of love too.

    • Donna, you have convinced me! Fabulous cat. A Wow cat. Probably bigger than the cat in the article so maybe we should grant Diego the title of the world’s biggest tabby cat 😉

  4. Such a beautiful cat, he doesn’t look all that comfortable the way he’s being held but at least the boy is taking the weight of his back end as best he can.

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