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World’s Hairiest Feline (longest fur) — 3 Comments

  1. I have a beef with the foul language his owner uses on his website, but that is just me. A very unique looking cat. I love his face. It looks monkey-ish? Maybe something from the Wizard of Oz? Anyway. Great post.

    Does anyone know if Stewie is still longest cat? His owner posted that it has been 7 months since his passing and wondered if he was still the longest. Too poor to actually buy the book. I may have to go look at the bookstore. Now I’m curious.

  2. Colonel Meow is very handsome but I hope there isn’t going to be a spate of cats bred with extra long fur because if so we know that the cats will suffer by people not grooming them enough and they will end up with matted coats.
    I don’t think grooming three times a week is enough! Even short haired cats should be brushed/combed daily, I wonder if people who don’t do that would like their own hair left unbrushed/uncombed for more than a day.

    • I don’t think grooming three times a week is enough!

      Totally agree. I do it more with my Charlie and he has a short and single coat. I groom him with a flea comb (very fine compact teeth) top to bottom with ease. I would groom Colonel Meow at least once per day. Perhaps twice per day then grooming becomes easy even with a long haired cat.

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