"World's oldest cat breed" is a tricky topic

World’s oldest cat breeds (formally). Words: MikB. I may well have left one off this list but it is pretty reliable.

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It is quite difficult working out the world’s oldest cat breed because it depends on how you interpret the phrase “cat breed”.

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I have interpreted it to mean when a specific type of cat was formally recognised by the early cat associations and was registered as such and accepted and cat breeders started to selectively breed these animals so the cat fancy was running.

Before then even beautiful cats that may have been technically purebred were not selectively bred by people. These cats were selecting their mates themselves. They were random bred and therefore community cats or moggies in modern parlance.

But if you wanted to pick the world’s oldest breed on the basis of a type of domestic cat then cats such as the Japanese bobtail, perhaps the Burmese, or the Birman, or the British shorthair and the Abyssinian and indeed also the Chartreux to name a selection would meet this criterion.

It’s a tricky subject becaus,e like I said, it depends on how you define the phrase “cat breed”