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World’s Saddest Looking Cat (droopy-eyed Persian) — 14 Comments

  1. -I’m sure that less than 50% feel upset
    by these genetic cruelty’s >-sadly
    Thank you for your kind support of cats Michael _

    • Well said Eva, we think the same way and a lot of people think like us. I’d love to know the percentage of people who have our attitude. It will be less than 50% because if it was more there would be no World’s Saddest Cat.

  2. Poor little soul with her nipped in flat face and hug eyes, really she is a freak but because there is no such thing as an ugly cat then in her own way she is still beautiful. I just wish people would leave cats alone and stop modifying them.

  3. It’s heart breaking that human beings mess with breeding and cause cats to be born this way, they should realise that Nature designed perfection.
    Money grabbing prestige seeking breeders…. please just leave cats alone for God’s sake!

      • Because we humans are warped beings with the power to do what we like to animals and some of us do it just because we can!

      • Yes Kylee, yet breeders are still trying to create new breeds and for every kitten they sell, another one in a Shelter dies for lack of a home.

        • Well as i stated i will not support Pedigrees I mean they are lovely and pretty but whos got a spare 300-1000 laying around -Not me its abit different with Dogs. I just think its not fair on the Animal as well as all those poor cats and kitties. I saw one of Elisas thing to do with a cat being close to be destroyed and her name was jasmine only 3 months old. How can people do that!! If i owned my own house I’d have as many cats as possible, well within reason of course. I feel sad for the kittens and then die at not even getting to 6 months. People really need to think closer and to get responsible and get them fixed it would have millions of lives. I agree with mandartory. I mean in US, UK its really Cheap to get them Fixed. Cost 170 to get jasmine Fixed, Vaccination, wormed etc.

  4. I agree Michael. Why do they keep breeding Pedigree animals when there’s lots out there. I will always only get Rescue Cats or Cats from Shelters and Domestic Moggies. As i refuse to give a Pedigree which cost lots more. When there is perfectly good animals needing Homes.

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