World’s Shortest Cat: Cye

Cye, World’s Shortest Cat — Photo: Mathew McCarthy, Record staff
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This is a pointed dwarf cat. I suppose you could call this cat a Siamese Munchkin. I’m not sure that it really matters. Cye has been awarded the title of the World’s Shortest Cat by Guinness World Records.

By “shortest” it is meant that this is the shortest cat from the floor to shoulder, meaning height. It is interesting to note that the former World’s Longest Cat, who was Stewie (sadly deceased), referred to the length of the cat, horizontally. For a while I had thought that the word “shortest” had referred to the distance between the cat’s hind legs and forelegs.

Cye has become another one of those celebrity cats. He has been on television in the United States and is becoming a bit of a news story which is to be expected because the newspapers love the biggest and the shortest and the largest and smallest etc.. The Internet loves celebrity cats.

I don’t want to be a spoilsport and stop people having fun but, as usual, I do have some difficulties with turning a dwarf cat into a celebrity. This is because there are potential health issues with dwarf domestic cats. In fact, Grumpy Cat, is a dwarf domestic cat too.

I also have difficulty with Guinness World Records because, let’s be honest, it is all but impossible to know for sure that this cat is indeed the world’s shortest cat. In any case, the title should be World’s Shortest Domestic Cat. The world’s smallest cat is a wild cat called the rusty-spotted cat and I wonder if an individual cat of that species is in fact shorter than Cye – quite possibly, yes.

Cye is 5.35 inches tall from floor to shoulder which is 13.6 cm. His owner is Sarah Langille. Apparently, the owner has just signed an exclusive contract with the New York media company called Barcroft Media. This prevents her, at this stage, discussing her cat in detail but no doubt in the near future we will hear a lot more.

People start seeing dollar signs. The Internet celebrity cat is a good money earner. We know that in observing Grumpy Cat.


5 thoughts on “World’s Shortest Cat: Cye”

  1. I agree that it’s not right for people to make cats celebrities. It’s just wrong.
    Cye is a cutie though.
    Can I assume a male?

  2. Too many people have seen poor Grumpy Cat shooting to fame by becoming a money making machine because of her deformity and now they want the same for their cats.
    I agree with Kylee, why can’t people just let cats be cats!

    • It is the celebrity cat bandwagon. People see the financial success for the owners of celebrity cats and want a piece of the action. For me, it’s as simple as that but I doubt whether this is cat will make any real money for the owners.


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