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World’s Ugliest Cat? — 6 Comments

  1. I was lucky enough to know someone who knew Ugly Bat-boy personally.

    Ugly Bat Boy was part of a litter of four kittens, 2 normal plus Ugly Bat Boy and a similar-looking female sibling that died at a few weeks old. The vet who owns Ugly Bat Boy believes the mutation was a result of a local random mating. Uggs had a sister who only lived three weeks, but the vet has spayed/neutered one or two other maned cats. It is likely that inbreeding is causing a mutant gene to show up.

    Uggs died aged 12 on the night of Saturday 31st August 2013 from heart complications. During his lifetime, Uggs had become a fixture at the Exeter Veterinary Hospital and many people visited just to take a picture of him or to buy a “Have you been Ugged today” tshirt. He was known not only for his looks, but also for his sweet personality.

    • Hi Ahsan, this is a one-off cat. This is not a cat breed but a single cat with a weird appearance due to genetics. There may be some Shynx or Peterbald (two hairless cats) in him/her but we don’t know.

  2. Ugly Cat???
    perhaps we will also call a kitten as an ugly kitten

    NUP! Not at all Michael . . . here I had a kitten who was killed by some manic in her early age i.e. 4 weeks.

    She was looking like a BAT-FACE. She had some extra ordinary teeth than those of 4 weeks old and a very thin coat of strange striped curly hairs.

    I used to feed her with my utmost care and love because I as a scholar also know that Allah says,”Every creature and its faces are created by Allah Subhanahu and no one has right to joke or hate any ones face.”

    I gave my due devotion to her and never thought to be negative about her. But people hate sometimes and create fantasy ideas about such creations. Cats are only cats, what I believe, and if we fear for Allah/God / or what so ever we believe in, we have to keep our welfare aspect and deal/treat them equally.

    What about those cats who just survive after having bullets/crossbow arrows and smashes a part of face, Do they not have full right to live their next life with full happiness and freedom? Is it only the cosmetic cat we need? who will care for such a cat whose face is disliked? Are we gonna let them roam free for the blood thirsty maniacs? Who knows how much Allah Subhanahu is pleased with you when you look after the creature of GOD which is considered as “UGLY” by the humans?

    I mean. . . never to think narrowly about any type or how the cat looks like, just think … she has a heart, soul and expectations towards us and some times I put my self in her place. If I was a (so called) ugly cat and people should throw stones at me, What should my feeling be in that case.

    ANSWER: Better to die being an UGLY CAT than to live, in the world where you have no place to live in peace 🙁

    In my point of view: She is a gorgeous, unique, pretty and really adoptable cat. Equal to Koh e Noor Diamond which is in the all diamonds gorgeous, unique, pretty and all heart’s wish <3 <3 <3 Love you baby

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