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Worrying Cat Ownership and Veterinarian Statistics — 8 Comments

  1. Sadly, I don’t think a lot of people have as close a relationship with their cats as their dogs.
    They think of cats as being self sufficient.

    Regardless of law, many people toss their cats out the door and don’t pay attention to them except to feed them. They don’t keep track of their annual checks or even if they may need medical attention. Sometimes, they don’t even know that they are gone (killed, animak control, etc.) until they haven’t shown up for some days. By that time, they have been killed in the shelter sometimes.

  2. ‘It would be a shame if the brakes were put on a movement against declawing because there are more vets chasing less consumer spending’

    I think that the battle to stop declawing has gone too far now to be aborted, too many people know the truth about the cruelty of it and declaw vets will have to face up to the fact that their days of making dollars by mutilating cats, are numbered.
    The wonderful Jackson Galaxy (Cat Daddy) is calling for all pet owners to boycott veterinary clinics where they declaw cats, even if they don’t have a cat, he says to take their dog to a no declaw vet.
    It’s getting really serious now and I’m very happy about that because when I joined the anti declaw battle around 6 years ago it seemed hopeless that it would ever stop. A lot of our UK ‘troops’ fell by the wayside but the stalwarts will never give up helping the Americans and Canadians who are determined that declawing will soon be in the history books.

  3. One reason is that in most localities, dogs need to be licensed, and to get that license you need to show proof of a rabies shot. Licenses are renewed every one to three years. I also believe more that more dogs than cats are spay and/or neutered, because the fees are significantly higher for dogs who are not.

    • Where I am, all cats have to be vaccinated and licensed as well as dogs.
      And, spay/neutering fees are about the same for both as well as the licensing fees if they are not.

      • They haven’t licensed cats in my area, but they do limit the number of pets you can own: 3 dogs per household & 9 cats per household. Any more than that, you would need a kennel or cattery license (which is about $300). I have my pets spayed and neutered, and the cats receive shots in their first year to guard against respiratory infections. After that year, I generally don’t, but would for a sickly cat.

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