Worst neighbour never fed her six cats

A woman described as the worst neighbour ever, never fed her six cats. They were fed by her neighbours who said the cats were always skinny and starving.

Worst neighbor ever never fed her six cats
Worst neighbor ever never fed her six cats. Photos: MEN Media
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The woman, Candy MacMillan, 32, is moving out of her four-bedroom home after she was convicted of fly-tipping in her own home! In other words she was chucking unwanted pieces of furniture and suchlike into her back garden (backyard) and leaving it there to rot or alternatively, it is alleged that she set fire to a sofa which set the garden fence on fire. The picture indicates that it looks a dire mess.

Candy said that she is leaving voluntarily but in effect she has been forced out. Her neighbours turned against her. Candy claims that she’s been threatened, punched and kicked by her neighbours and is therefore the real victim. She aslo blamed her neighbors for setting fire to her garden fence.

Comment: it’s fairly obvious that this woman is a terrible neighbour which is highlighted by the fact that, according to her neighbours, she never feeds her six cats. It is shocking to read that Candy’s neighbours say that they had to feed her cats because, as mentioned, they were nearly always starving. It is extraordinary to think that a cat owner can be so careless about looking after their cat.

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