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Would Obligatory Sterilization of Domestic Cats Lead to Their Extinction? — 3 Comments

  1. I would need to see the entire law or statute because most of them provide a breeders or litter fee in one of the clauses.
    I believe the fear of not being able to get a kitten or puppy on demand is why so many insist on letting their pets breed. Of course there is just common neglect and laziness and obscure beliefs that are just stupid.
    For most sane adults education is the key for the rest of the miscreants we may need legislation to force them to be smarter.

  2. You cannot legislate compassion, knowledge, and caring about animal welfare. It is a useless law right now. If they want people to comply they should have a non boring, non preachy media campaign educating pet owners that they are protecting their pets and stopping needless suffering for unwanted animals. Also offer government sponsored spay/neuter and microchip clinics at greatly reduced fees or even free if they truly want compliance. The law is still useless without a TNR program for ferals. I do not believe the cat population will be wiped out. Some owners will allow their pets to have litters for various reasons and all feral cats cannot be TNR’d before having litters.

  3. Don’t think we need to worry about extinction. A few determined cats would always find a way. Actually, that could be the plot for a science fiction story set in the future. But seriously, I see the feral cat problem growing despite our strenuous efforts. There must be something more we can do.

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