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Would you change if your favorite pet food was made with slave labour? — 3 Comments

  1. I would have serious objections to the continued use of pet food procured by slave labor in other parts of the world.
    I believe that most pet owners here are pretty food savvy these days. We have booted China “anything” in the bum and look for only products made in America, inclusive of all ingredients.
    We avoid any products from other countries as much as possible, even the UK (sorry), because we can’t be certain of where anyone else gets their ingredients.

  2. Michael nice reading your article after a long time on a topic concerning the “Developed” and “Developing World” as you represent the “First World Country’s”.I have been blessed that although of a “Middle Class” background from a developing Country India have managed to tour all Continents and numerous city’s of the World and in the process educating myself. Remember that what “Westerners” consider “Slave Labour” is employment to most people from poor Country’s where survival is difficult let alone getting a minimum wage job.What about the “ILLEGAL PEOPLE SMUGGLING” into Europe by ships and land in which many humans perish.On Tuesday(1-9-2015) will be in Vienna hopefully on a 23 day tour of Central Europe and Istanbul before returning back to Mumbai.I was shocked to read the news just a few days ago of a abandoned container box being parked on a highway in Austria containing over 70 dead illegal immigrants.These same immigrants would have been working in illegal underpaid jobs which you’ll Westerners would call “Slave labour” .In Mumbai itself the standard of living between the upper crust and the lowest segment of society would make many Westerners searching for answers on human equality and minimum wages and standards of living.Apologize for drifting from the topic of cats but then aren’t our own house cats living a privileged life compared to their feral companions.During my “Marine Engineer” employment on various ships i myself did “SLAVE LABOUR” on a few almost “Sinking ships” just to earn a living for myself and my family . Our wages were delayed and the last Ocean going ship i sailed was a “Floating Coffin” and luckily we made it back to port in India from a gulf voyage.After that ship i quit “Ocean Sailing” and took up coastal ships near Mumbai harbour.Life is very unequal and not fair to everyone.Regarding cats hope to see some rare European breed cats in Europe and the wild street Turkish Angora in Istanbul.

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