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Would You Go Hiking in the Great Outdoors with Your Domestic Cats? — 2 Comments

  1. We used to take our 2 Siamese hiking, camping biking and just walking when we went on vacations, biking on the streets, camping in the woods, and attending art and craft fairs. They walked on leashes-well Red Prince walked, Little Boy Blue rode around my shoulders. After they passed over The Bridge, very few of our rescues wanted to leave the house. Tweetums would ride around on my shoulders and we got so used to it that I would forget he was there and went grocery shopping. Was stopped at the door by a guard who couldn’t believe Twee was so calm about the whole thing. But I had to take him home-they didn’t let him in. I wouldn’t do it now-there are too many things that can happen. And it takes a special kitty. My current crew are all special needs babies.

  2. I think that if kittens are trained from an early age, they can do these kinds of things. It’s something I never thought of when I had kittens in Hawaii. They had 5 acres to roam on, but I’m not actually sure how far they went.

    I had a friend who used to take her cat camping, until one day her cat was attacked by another animal, but I don’t remember what it was. Her cat had to have many stitches, but survived o.k.

    The author of a book I’m reading on The Nine Emotional Lives of Cats (Jeffery Mason) has 5 cats who walk with him to the beach every day, and wait by the shore until he comes out of the water. I can’t remember how far it is, but it’s a rather long walk.

    These are all cats who were rescued by him at different times, so it’s interesting that they all participate in this activity which wasn’t learned as kittens.

    More awesome mysteries of cats! How about the surfing cat in Hawaii?

    I’m really enjoying this book, and recommend it, as well as the fantasy “The Great Purr”.

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