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Would You Hand Your Cat Over To A Pet Shop Employee? — 9 Comments

  1. Same I wouldn’t either. How do you know, what they are really like. When I go to the Vet they like them to be in a Cage its actually a policy and they say if haven’t got a cage they can lend you one. Its so the cat doesn’t get scared. They hate getting out of the cage when at vet.

  2. No, not, would never happen.
    Even at the clinic, no cat (or dog) of mine ever left my sight unless they needed surgery. I insist on being present for all procedures, even blood drawing.

  3. Oh what an awful story, no one should ever allow their pet to be taken out of their sight except by a qualified vet or nurse, Pets at Home should have a small room set aside for micro chipping where the cat and caretaker can go together and get the chip inserted. I wouldn’t have allowed anyone to ever take my cat away like that but having said that I would never dream of going to a pet shop for veterinary treatment or micro chipping. I’m so glad Ms Sloane and her cat are reunited and I hope the cat is not traumatised for life by the experience, and I must say I hope Ms Sloane has learned a hard lesson and never allows a shop assistant power over her cat again.

    • Totally agree. Pets at Home screwed up on their procedure for microchipping. As you say a small room off the shop floor would be fine and the cat caretaker takes his cat there and remains there throughout. If they can’t accept that don’t use them.

  4. The number of idiots and incompetents in the world has always be a source of amazement to me. Wherever yougo or whatever you do, you have to be very careful and do your homework. The less you have to do with unknown people the better.

    • Well said. Even in normal day-to-day situations one is careful with people you don’t know but if it concerns one’s cat and you have to hand him over and say goodbye for a hour or so, you have to be damn sure the person who takes the cat is extremely competent.

  5. I would never hand either of our cats over to any store employee. Pets at Home don’t have a very good reputation in some places to start with, but to take a cat away to the back for micro chipping is quite suspicious. It shouldn’t hurt or distress the cat at all if done properly, so what are they hiding?
    I’m glad Miss Sloane got her cat back OK, but he will probably be traumatised for life now.

  6. According to my personal experience having owned both dogs and cats, seems dogs are very easy to handle during veterinary treatment by strangers.Cats are the exact opposite and are afraid of being handled by strangers or visiting the Veterinarian in a enclosed portable cage.It was lucky for Laura.Sloane to have found her cat.

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