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Would you reject a marriage proposal if your potential spouse doesn’t accept your pet? — 16 Comments

  1. If my partner told me these things about my dog, it would definitely be the last trait in the relationship. Undoubtedly, you will always find the perfect acquaintance with an understanding person if you use these Best Gay Chat Rooms following my example. I advise everyone to pay attention to the provided link if you are still single and want to find mutual understanding in the LGBT environment.

  2. My cats and I are a package deal. We come together. Actually, I’d prefer it if the guy actually liked pets than just tolerated them. My friend’s hubby tolerated her cat, but the cat clearly annoyed him, and it was constantly an issue. At one point when she had a short term cash flow issue, but the cat needed the surgery, she borrowed money from me rather than ask her husband. They ended up divorcing, she caught the guy with his lover in their bed.

  3. I’m glad she had the right to refuse to marry him.
    In western culture owning pets is not just about the one dog or cat it’s about a choice to have animals in your life and home. If you have to negotiate an important part of your life , run.

  4. It most often happens here in Pakistan,too. Many people in the subcontinent (indopak) do not have full Passion of keeping cats or dogs. therefore, in articles somewhere, I read a very sensible statement. Before getting married, couple must share to each other about their pets, if any or otherwise …
    Thanks for sharing this article Elisa and Michael. Hope your Gabriel is good 🙂

  5. The marriage should not go ahead. I agree with Diane 😉 If one does not like animals enough then the parties are not entirely compatible and therefore the relationship is on rocky ground already.

    Good article. It demonstrates how important pets are as companions. They are sometimes more important than the human companion.

    • Totally agree that’s for sure, my cats come first and not only would the person have to accept the cats they would have to love the cats and the cats be comfortable with them. People can leave after any length of time but the Animals are forever faithful.

  6. Love me, love my pets (in this case, 12 cats — all adopted/rescued), that is my MANDATORY rule. My cats are my children (along with my son who loves the cats too). NO person will EVER be more important than my cats. They give me UNCONDITIONAL love, unlike most people. They are ALWAYS there for me, unlike most people. I could go on, but I think oyu get the idea. My anipals are my life!! ♥♥♥

  7. I know I’m not alone here that I wouldn’t have been interested in the woman in the first place. Whether a person can love an animal is one thing, but to come between their spouse-to-be and their loved one (their pet animal) would be as much a deal-breaker for me as anything else. It goes to the heart of their being.

  8. I think firstly it’s important to realize this is in India, their courtship may have been very different to what we are used to in the west (He may not have known about the dog until they started making wedding plans), I would have known my partner had an issue with my Dog long before thoughts of marriage and they would have been history early on in the relationship. Goes the other way too, if my Dog really didn’t like my future partner (unless it was a jealousy issue that would need to be worked on) that would make me think twice. All said and done…”Love me love my Dog”.

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