Would You Swim Across A Canal To Rescue A Cat? He Did.

To rescue a cat or not? It’s actually quite daunting because if you are minding your own business walking along the side of the canal and you see a cat who needs rescuing do you jump in the canal?

To Rescue A Cat?
To rescue a cat on other side of a canal. Screenshot from video.
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This person did. It happened in Walsden, West Yorkshire, UK. As you can see the cat became stuck against a high wall on the other side of the canal. He appears to have been perched on top of a wooden pole next to the wall.

To Rescue A Cat

The man, Jack Bennett, decided to get wet and swim over. The canal actually doesn’t look that deep because he walks part of the way. His father filmed him.

Apparently his father was walking his dog in the morning and it was him who spotted the cat. He telephoned his son to get him out of bed to rescue the cat! There were other people around who were remarking how strange it was for a cat to be stuck there but nobody did anything about it.

As you can see Mr Bennett was very gentle with the cat once he arrived. He made sure that the cat was not frightened and then gently held him. The cat complied which is useful because often they don’t in these situations. Mr Bennett said: “She was super friendly considering everything”. It looks that way. She was pleased to get off that pole.

Financial Opportunity?

I wonder if there was an element of spotting an opportunity to make some money in this cat rescue. I know I’m being a bit cynical but Mr Bennett’s father did not have to film the event. The papers did not have to get hold of the film. Mr Bennett’s father must have telephoned the newspapers and I presume sold the video to them.

It doesn’t really matter because the cat was rescued. And it’s a nice, interesting cat rescue. However, if I was going to be critical and I shouldn’t be, it may have been more useful to have brought along a cat carrier if at all possible and placed the cat in that.

Why Was The Cat There?

A carrier would have allowed them some time to try and find the owner because it’s just possible that the cat fell off a boat or was thrown from a boat. In which case releasing the cat on the side of the canal will mean that he is lost and homeless. I don’t think the cat would have swum over the canal to that position so it seems possible that he could have been thrown into the canal. No one has addressed this possibility and no doubt the cat will not be heard of or seen again. That doesn’t mean the cat is well and back at home.

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  1. The video was unavailable when I tried to view it, so I couldn’t see what you’re talking about. Perhaps they didn’t have a cat carrier if the dad was walking a dog and called his son to get out of bed. Hopefully, this has a happy ending. At least the cat didn’t drown. That’s a start anyway.

    • Yes, Sorry the video failed to play. This is typical of YouTube. So many videos are stolen by users and then deleted by management.


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