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  1. If you rush towards a cat, we all know what happens. This man showed good judgement, and compassion by going back to rescue the cat. So many people have the ability to video, that it’s not a bad idea to have that smart phone ready for any occasion. I personally wouldn’t have had the presence of mind to do it, unless I had someone with me.

    It’s easy to criticize when something like this has a two-fold benefit; 1)a cat rescue and 2)publicity for him, and as a result, a third benefit-donations for the cat’s care, and the shelter/rescue organization.
    For me, the “End justifies the Means” in this case.

  2. 2 reasons he recorded it is 1.he wanted the public to see wot was happening,2nd was to see if Freeway’s former owner would come forward and possibly reclaim him,Richard is far being a narcissist,is the Police Officer who rescued a cat last week on a busy highway who also recorded the incident a narcissist as well and like Richard is adopting the cat,it was Freeways supporters along with myself that encouraged Richard to adopt Freeway because he wasnt going to,Richard has gone to the animal hospital everyday to get updates on Freeway’s recovery,he didnt have to do that,he could have washed his hands of the whole situation after getting Freeway to the vet but he didnt,Richard and Freeway have bonded deep and I still say they were fated to meet IMO!

    • Thanks for the link but one person’s actions does not represent the actions of all. You are stereotyping badly, which is always a sign of careless thinking. All the people who are regular visitors to this site including myself love cats but are also concerned about the welfare of people. Of course we are. Loving cats does not mean hating people.

    • Jim, I think that it would take no one responding to you at all to make you go away.
      Put yourself inside a vault and have someone drop you in the ocean.

  3. Reason you act slow is to gain there trust if you rush in cat or dog would panic and head to on coming cars. Rescue is not easy you also have to protect yourself more and more rescues are tapping there rescues cause of asshats who love to cause and make trouble and try to sue.

      • I am a rescuer of 43 years my adopted parents rescue cats taught me everything I know in fact I myself is one of there rescues 13 year old kid so badly abused no one wanted me. That’s why I keep the ones labeled damaged and bring them back then fine great homes. Richard did everything right and no money is going to him it’s all going to help other animals like Freeway.

  4. No, I would never set up camera or have anyone else do it in such a crisis situation.
    In my opinion, he was slow in acting and, seriously, risked this cat’s life for sensationalism.
    I hate that he is being allowed to adopt her when he is so narcissistic

    • I am pleased, Dee, that you can see that side of this. I don’t want to be critical but it does seem as if he grabbed an opportunity to get his 15 minutes of fame.

      • Judging from his FB page, he seems genuinely interested in animal welfare and rescue. I don’t think this was a one-off act of kindness by this gentleman, so I’m not offended that for whatever reason it was videoed.

        Maybe he did it for his own legal protection. I have heard of rescuers being accused and charged with animal theft. Or perhaps he wants to raise awareness about animal cruelty? It was also a good fundraiser for the local animal rescue.

  5. What a lovely man Richard Christianson is. The world would be a much nicer place if more people had an ounce of his compassion.

    How wonderful that he’s going to adopt the cat. That seems like a fitting ending to this story.

    On a side note. What’s going on with the cat’s ears. Is that a breed trait or just a random mutation?

  6. I agree, he should have grabbed her sooner instead of risking her darting in traffic.. but it turned out well yay : )

  7. Update~ The bloke that rescued “Freeway” is adopting him next week,we in the cat community feel it was Fated :O)

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