▶ Would you video yourself carrying out a dangerous cat rescue?

This is a video of a good Samaritan who rescued a kitty stuck between fast moving traffic; on one side a freeway and on the other a slip road. It was nerve-racking watching it because all the time I was praying that the cat would stay still and not run off into the traffic to certain death.

The circumstances of the rescue were tricky to say the least. Both cat and man were in danger from fast moving traffic. We have to praise the man, Richard Christianson. There is no question he deserves plenty of it.

However, when I watched the video I said aloud, “get on with it, stop talking to the video camera you are operating…”. At the moment he reaches the cat he should have grabbed her (but not in a frightening manner). That was a very tricky moment fraught with danger for the cat. Perhaps Richard was deliberately trying to keep the cat calm. Wouldn’t videoing the moment have interfered in the rescue?

He provides a running commentary of his rescue while filming it. I hate to say it but it does come across as self-aggrandizement and the conscious decision to make some money or grab some celebrity from a situation which he happened to stumble upon or is that assessment far too cynical? He has the right to do it, I guess.

Sure he took a risk in rescuing this ginger tabby cat but it wasn’t that big a risk. The greater risk was with the cat running off as Richard advanced towards him due to fear.

Is it fair to even think about criticizing Richard for getting the most out of his rescue? I don’t know. He did rescue a vulnerable cat in great danger. He deserves some celebrity and plenty of praise.

I don’t believe I would have videoed myself. It would have distracted me. I’d be too focused on the cat and the cars to do that and to provide a running commentary at the same time. I’d be too anxious myself. The running commentary indicates that Richard knew exactly what he was doing.

The cat had mouth injuries. It appears that they were caused by the cat trying to get through the fence as if she felt she was caged. Although I am unsure, it appears the injuries were self-inflicted due to a desperate anxiety to get out.

The cat was named “Freeway” and received veterinary care and then placed in a foster home before rehoming. A story with a good ending.

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27 thoughts on “▶ Would you video yourself carrying out a dangerous cat rescue?”

  1. If you rush towards a cat, we all know what happens. This man showed good judgement, and compassion by going back to rescue the cat. So many people have the ability to video, that it’s not a bad idea to have that smart phone ready for any occasion. I personally wouldn’t have had the presence of mind to do it, unless I had someone with me.

    It’s easy to criticize when something like this has a two-fold benefit; 1)a cat rescue and 2)publicity for him, and as a result, a third benefit-donations for the cat’s care, and the shelter/rescue organization.
    For me, the “End justifies the Means” in this case.

  2. 2 reasons he recorded it is 1.he wanted the public to see wot was happening,2nd was to see if Freeway’s former owner would come forward and possibly reclaim him,Richard is far being a narcissist,is the Police Officer who rescued a cat last week on a busy highway who also recorded the incident a narcissist as well and like Richard is adopting the cat,it was Freeways supporters along with myself that encouraged Richard to adopt Freeway because he wasnt going to,Richard has gone to the animal hospital everyday to get updates on Freeway’s recovery,he didnt have to do that,he could have washed his hands of the whole situation after getting Freeway to the vet but he didnt,Richard and Freeway have bonded deep and I still say they were fated to meet IMO!


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