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  1. Honestly and not as a braggadocio my 11 year old Traditional Persian cat “Matata” could give a authentic pedigreed Serval like “Spartacus” a run for his money in the rights to “FEROCITY”.Till today although “Matata” was born in my house, the first of a litter of 6 kittens by late 13 year old Queen cat “Matahari” i have yet to tame him as a domestic pet cat. Strangely he is friendly with my lady house-keeper who feeds him but not with me. He allows me to pet him but after some time utters a loud purr and if i continue he would pay me visciously.I have never ever been scratched by a cat but by my own domestic pet cat “Matata” ! A freak of nature of the normal docile Persian breed.His 13 year old Dam late “Matahari” who expired recently on Saturday(22/8/2020) was the epitome of the pet aristocratic Traditional Persian cat . I have posted a recent photo of Tomcat “Matata” resting on the sofa couch all alone after the death of his companion since birth.

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