Would you welcome cat food made with vat-grown meat?

Scientists are working on growing meat in a vat. This would be “meet without murder”.  It would be genuine meat without the need to slaughter 40 billion creatures annually. There would be a fantastic reduction in land and water pollution from animal waste. There would be big environmental benefits in making meat artificially. It’s time to make factory farms a thing of the past.

Artificial meat

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I’m sure that a sizable percentage of good cat guardians are concerned about general animal welfare including the welfare of livestock. It is hidden away but livestock is often treated very badly in the interests of maximizing profits.

There must be many vegetarians who have a cat companion. It must irritate to have to feed their cat with meat-based products. Although, we are all aware that in many manufactured cat food products there is very little actual meat but there should be more. Would vegetarians go back to eating meat if it was genuine but artificially created?

I wonder if people who eat halal meat would welcome meat grown in a vat? That said, my experience of running this website indicates to me that Muslims are generally unlikely to look after a domestic cat so perhaps the question is irrelevant.

Eventually, when mass produced, artificially grown meat could bring down the price of meat, which should allow pet food manufacturers to be generous in using it in the production of cat food. Imagine cat food with real meat in it as a standard.

Ingrid Nekirk of PETA is naturally delighted that scientists are working on artificial meat , “This is one of the most exciting developments ever,” she says.

People and cats would have the opportunity to eat meat without the cruelty associated with its production.

Artificially produced meat on the shelves is around 5-10 years off. The Dutch are working on creating pork from stem cells, for instance.

There will be resistance to vat-grown meat. People like things to be as natural as possible and if they are distanced from the inherent cruelty of some forms of meat production they won’t want to change.

However, in due course, there will probably be a time when the norm for cat food will be artificially produced cat meat ingredients and our cats will be healthier for it.

The vets will no doubt protest because they’ll lose business. There will be a lot of big businesses trying to block this development because they’ll lose out.

7 thoughts on “Would you welcome cat food made with vat-grown meat?”

  1. I am unsure of how I feel about this. Part of me is all for it because it is way less cruel, but until I know if there is anything about it that could harm my cats….I just don’t know…

  2. I’m always suspicious of “improvements” on our food. I have doubts that it’s ever done for our benefit. However, if it was done surreptitiously, like many of our processed meats are (think hot dogs, fast foods, etc) and we got samples in the store that tasted pretty good, it could become a hit with people who are opposed to animal cruelty but still eat meat. I’m one of those, although I’ve cut back quite a bit, mostly eating fish, chicken, and lamb once in awhile.

    I’ve actually experienced “fear” around eating, because of reports of illness from bacteria in all kinds of food, including fresh produce. I’ve never been fearful of anything, but food is essential. Since I’m unable to grow my own or pay higher prices at farmer’s markets, I shop at regular markets. We have 6 to choose from, in a 2 mile radius, but sometimes I drive 7 miles to a store like Trader Joes, or Sprout’s Farmer’s Market. I still have some fear, but am not at the paranoid stage. I try to handle food carefully, and wash produce before eating.

    I got very ill from food I consumed at a pot luck this month, and felt the effects for a week. The concept of pot lucks is great, but not everyone is aware of the need for proper food handling and storage. Here I am, off the topic again….

  3. If it’s PETA endorsed, it’s a negative for me.
    Besides, artificial is artificial.
    I understand that it’s akin to our vegetarian “fake meat”, but I don’t divulge in that myself, just as I don’t divulge in fake sugar.
    I don’t like the feeling of being “tricked” by whomever into action. That’s why I so hate daylight savings time. I don’t want to be treated like an idiot.


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