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Wow! Cat gently nuzzles video of deceased owner — 6 Comments

  1. Being very scientifically minded to the extent of atheist, I’ve questioned almost everything in life to a reasonable satisfaction of knowing it’s truth. One thing I see in humans is the tendency to decide things to the extreme; in this case that cats either feel emotions or not. Most things can be a matter of degree, and so while you have some cats that “apparently” don’t, others obviously do. I’ve studied cats most of my life and while I have strong feeling for them, I don’t let that decide what they feel. I give it to them… I have to, especially when I see evidence like this that we can all agree on. My lifetime of observation does matter too though, as does their feelings. Only if you don’t care does it not. Think about that too. IOW don’t be a jerk about it, if you’re one of those.

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