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Wow! Yvette has socialized over 700 feral cats (audio interview) — 4 Comments

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  2. I was mistaken that there was a regular podcast, though if there were I’d listen to it. What she conveys in this one interview speaks volumes about her wise philosophy and technique that explains how she’s so successful. Observation, patience (proceeding at the cat’s pace), and caring about how cats see and feel about things are key. Her goal with everything she does is to help the cat perceive humans better and be comfortable and confident with us. She answered every thoughtful question with just as much thought on the fly. That’s the mark of a good interview and this was great. She’s skilled, methodical, very successful and an inspiration to all who love cats or any animal for that matter.

  3. I’m so thrilled about this story I’m commenting before I even listen to the podcast. I will subscribe to that too. Thank you Michael, and of course Yvette!

    • I like audio stuff and this was an interesting experiment as I interviewed Yvette on the phone. She’s great isn’t she? Especially set against the horror story going that is on in Autralia where feral cats are shot and poisoned.

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