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WW2 cat hero, Simon, died of cold British weather not his injuries — 7 Comments

  1. Well, dang, my song is wrong. Remember that song I wrote about Simon and you posted it, Michael? The song implies he died because his wounds became infected. That is what I assumed happened— sepsis or something like that.

    I am planning on having my school choir sing Simon’s song next year for their spring concert. I played the recording for them and they are really excited about it, especially that it is in two parts. (They learned to sing in harmony this year.)

    I think Simon would much rather have stayed on the ship with his friends catching mice than to sit in a cold cage in quarantine. So that sucks.

    But the kids loved the song about Simon, even though they agreed his story is sad. They already have ideas for what instruments to add to it. I am not sure I can get a flute player, no band at my school because that starts in 6th grade, but as we work on it together it will become something a little different than how my former student Emily and I recorded it, but it will be fun to see how it turns out.

    • Hi Ruth, Well, it is still a very nice song and the theory expounded on this page is just that: a theory. Hope you and Monty and hubby are well.

  2. Simon’s story is extremely amazing and inspirational. He was well loved. How sad that Simon had to endure the climate change coming from Hong Kong to England, which lead to his premature death. He was a very unusual and gifted feline soul. 😖😠😢

    • It is a sad tale and sadly it is an example of how humans can screw up. Of the all the cats they should have protected and cosseted Simon was the one they should have bent over backwards for but if the story is true they were careless.

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