Wyoming Animal Shelters

by Michael

Here are Wyoming animal shelters mapped. There is other information such as the locations and addresses of animal rescue organizations embedded on the map. Just click on the yellow flags for some details.

To an outsider it is apparent that the state of Wyoming has a lower human population that the states in the east and on the west coast of the country.

The states in the mid-west of the United States would appear to have the lowest human populations (including Alaska in the north west) and the highest wild animal populations.

You only have to look at the map that I made, which places about 4,000 animal rescue organizations in the USA to see that.

However, I would appreciate the input of one the regulars to confirm what I have said. It sounds a bit wild west to a Brit.

Formally, the cougar (puma) is confined to the western states of the USA although we get sightings on a regular basis in the east. See for example: Cougars Alive and Well in Louisiana.

I hope someone finds this map useful.


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