Year of the Cat in Canada, 2011

by Chris H.
(Ontario, Canada)

Year of the Cat 2011, Canada. Care for Cats

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Year of the Cat 2011, Canada. Care for Cats

Year of the Cat, Canadian campaign. 2011 is their first campaign.

Year of the Cat -- link broken May 2013

Their vision: Increase the value of owned, homeless and feral cats in Canadian communities.

Their mission: Creating awareness through response and education. Delivering resources to Canadian communities will encourage individuals to appreciate the feline species and foster more responsible cat ownership which in turn will decrease the daily euthanasia of thousands of adoptable cats.

"Care for Cats" is a long term project that will respond to the cat overpopulation crisis by creating and distributing impactful public education programs and support materials, encouraging community collaboration across all pet industry sectors; providing accurate resources; and collecting and evaluating national metrics to measure success.

Recognizing that we cannot expect to completely solve the cat crisis in a single year, Care for Cats was formed and 2011 The Year of the Cat is its first project."

This is a great campaign, but the website needs help! Please contact them if you can't open the links on their site. Those problems need to be fixed ASAP! Contact info is here -- link broken May 2013.

Let them know you like their campaign, but many of their website links to information don't work! Tell them you read about it on Pictures of Cats News.

Thank you!

Chris H - a cat advocate in Ontario, Canada

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