Yelling at Cats

Funny cat videos are very highly watched videos. Yelling at cats is one such video and has been highly viewed like the rest. There are a number of copies of this video on YouTube.

Do you think it’s funny? – a lot of people do. I don’t. I think its plain cruel.

Why do I think it’s cruel? Because cats like all other animals, including human animals, are at least upset when shouted at and, if they don’t know why, or there is no reason why, they are being shouted at and it goes on for some time (not the case here it seems), it can damage the animal being shouted at.

It seems to be video deliberately made for YouTube to provoke controversy and to get more hits.

There is probably a commercial reason behind its production – all at the expense of innocent cats.

You may or may not have left comments on the YouTube website about this video

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There are more funny videos on this website and most of them are genuinely funny.

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17 thoughts on “Yelling at Cats”

  1. Well, I dont think Yelling at Cats is any Good. I mean You can talk strongly without Yelling. As Cats can sense things when things arent right, as well When Change is Happening.
    I am pleased I didn’t look as cant cope with much abuse or hurt happening these days.

  2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Can’t bear to watch the video, judging by the comments it must be horrible and I’m sick to death of cruelty to cats.
    I’d like to line up every cat abuser ever, watch them beg for mercy and then shoot the lot of them and watch them bleed to death….that includes every vet who declaws cats!
    I’m not a violent person but this world needs ridding of the evil scumbags in it.

      1. I love kitties if I had the space I would be the crazy cat lady. It really angers me when people abuse animals of any kind, and I feel they should receive the same treatment they dole out. Those poor little kitties didn’t know what they were doing that offended this ignorant ogre.

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