Yesterday’s News Cat Litter condones the declawing of cats

City the Kitty has a petition on the website. She rightly states that although Purina’s Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is welcome in that it makes it easier for cats with tender feet to use cat litter and it is environmentally friendly because it is recycled newsprint, the product implicitly condones the declawing of cats.

On Purina’s website, which is exclusively about this particular product, they state that the litter is recommended by US veterinarians as it can be used as a highly effective post-surgical litter. Purina states that there is a decreased chance of surgical site contamination if it is used. They say that it is gentle on sensitive paws.

The language used and the veterinarians’ recommendation points to the suitability of this litter for cats who have recently been declawed. It allows declawed cats to use a cat litter. It facilitates the day-to-day lifestyle of a declawed cat. It makes life more acceptable to a declawed cat. In achieving these objectives it silently condones and arguably endorses and facilitates cat declawing which to very many people is an objectionable operation which in 99% of instances is unnecessary.

As an aside, is interesting to note that in promoting Yesterday’s News Cat Litter, Purina make an admission that some other cat litters are toxic or hazardous to domestic cats. They say it contains no harmful chemicals and that it is non-toxic and therefore will not harm cats if it is ingested. This by implication implies that other cat litters can be harmful to cats when ingested.

They even make a reference to the health of cat caretakers/guardians. They say the litter is designed to keep your home clean and its inhabitants healthy. This must be a reference to people as well as cats. Therefore, once again, by implication they are stating that other cat litters may be unhealthy to cat owners which by the way is true.

City the Kitty, in her petition, asks Purina to look at the big picture. She says that Purina could make videos to help to teach cat owners about the humane alternatives to declawing. In addition she requests that Purina donate one dollar from each sale of Yesterday’s News litter to an organisation such as the respected The Paw Project.

She rightly makes the observation that Purina would receive so much beneficial publicity if they followed her recommendation that it would more than make up for any financial loss if and when the declawing of domestic cats in America is banned.

If Purina were genuinely concerned about the sensitive paws of declawed cats they would promote preventative action which in respect of declawing can only mean one thing: a ban or a voluntary cessation of this operation.

Please sign her petition.

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2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s News Cat Litter condones the declawing of cats”

  1. Frances A Danna

    I signed the petition. I agree with what City the Kitty states. Purina needs to take a proactive stance against declawing. As a major supplier of pet nutrition products, Purina could have a major influence on other pet product companies to follow suit.

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