Yikes! Look what my cat did to my iPad!

IPad with fur or scratched?
IPad with fur or scratched? Fur is the answer. Photo: Chinese TikTok-like website: Douyin
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The photograph comes from China. The cat who likes to play with this iPad is nicknamed Er Niu (she has a cat friend whose name is Xiao Ai). She likes to take selfies on the iPad. Actually, the selfies are not deliberate – yes, I know that is pretty obvious. When she plays with the iPad she clicks the shutter release and gets a series of selfies. Oh, by the way, this is not a cat scratched iPad. What you see there is white fur. I know, I’ve used click bait to try and get people to click on this page, and why not? It’s what happens all the time on Internet.

Cat takes selfie photos on iPad
Cat takes selfie photos on iPad. Photo: Chinese TikTok-like website: Douyin

Er Niu’s human guardian is a Chinese woman studying Australia. Er Niu is a rescue cat. When she returned home last Tuesday she saw the fur on her tablet and presumably realised that her cat had been playing with the device. She checked her photo album and saw all the selfies that had been taken by her cat.

A few years ago I asked whether cats can scratch the screens of iPads. I ask this because there are quite a few apps for these devices designed exclusively for cats. They turn the iPad into a toy which I think is a very good idea because it stimulates the cat. But it brings up that big question: is the screen going to be scratched to bits? I decided that it wouldn’t be because the screens are very tough and a cat’s claws are not hard enough.

If you have first hand experience of an iPad screen being scratched by your cat then please leave a comment as it would interest me.


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