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  1. I am thrilled to have stumbled across this amazing group of humans speaking about the most amazing cats in the world! I currently have what I believe are York Chocolate Cats! The founding father was dropped of at an Amish farm i happened to be visiting at the time. I scooped him up as a 5 month old black cat i thiught to be a female. I dewormed her and watched her grow into a cery large male chocolte colored loving affectionate and FULL OF EMOTION longhaired best friend ever! He was name Emoji and we called him Mojo for short .
    Mojo became the father of some small litters of wonderful half Mojo and half Persian kittens . When i finally found some info on what breed of cat he most definately was i couldnt believe the discription and how exact the personality coat and characteriatics were to his!
    So now i have 3 generations of Mojo and persian kittens who are looking for wonderful homes. Im in Pa. they are stunning lil beings! Sweet and loving and loyal! Id love to hear from anyone and everyone concerning this breed! My hope is to make these babies i am currently in possesion of a CFA WONDER! Id like to call them the York Peppermint Patty Cat

  2. Hi Michael,
    We have a lovely yong York Chocolate female here in Italy. My in-laws got her as a present, and initially were thinking of sterilising her. But they were told that this breed is rare, and it decided would be such a pity if she would not reproduce. So we decided to find a male York Chocolate cat somewhere (not limited to Italy) to breeding kittens, but it revealed to be a very difficult task to find contacts. We would be interested in going to US even if needed be, but all I find on the internet is generic breed information, and when searching for breeders nothing comes up, as you have also realised yourself. Stumbling at your website was a confirmation of our worries that the breed is becoming rare indeed, and would like to thank you for updating and keep responding to comments on this post 🙂

    • Superb cat. Wow. I am very impressed. Stunning coat. And yes they are rare. It is a rare breed. I am not surprised that you are struggling. You’d have thought that you could find a breeder in America but it appears not. I might do a bit of work on this and if I find a breeder I’ll leave a comment. Thanks for commenting Lidi.

  3. Hello, nine years ago I found a little black cat abandoned. I took him to my house and from then he is my little one. I found him in Spain, in my small town called Javea. Four years ago I moved to London with him and another cat. Two days ago one vet he told me he must be a special cat. My boyfriend made a research and we think he is a York Chocolate one! He looks exactly like in the pictures. He is lovely cat, the best cat ever. I always thought he was very special but now we now he is a very special cat who has stole our hearts forever.

    • He sounds very special. And you have a special relationship. It’s great to hear. He must be very handsome because the York Chocolate is a very attractive cat. Thanks for telling us your story, Lupe.

  4. We live in Ann Arbor michigan and want to purchase two York chocolate kittens. Do they only come from Italy. Do you know s US breeder?

    • Hi Jim. I have a horrible feeling that this cat breed has almost disappeared. It was quite popular but now the indications are that the breed is very rare indeed and I don’t think you’ll find a breeder in the USA. I tried to find one as you did but failed. I am not even sure they are bred in Italy. Sorry that I am of no use to you.

  5. I got my Chocolate at a shelter in central Maine. He is bout 8 now and is a wonderful affectionate cat but tends to be a one person cat. and a lap cat. He is chocolate and white medium long coat, silky like an Angora’s with no undercoat. His head is wedged shaped , with pale green eyes. He is very talkative.
    When I got him I was struck by his unusual coloring and began to search for Chocolate and white cats, the picture brought up on the York chocolate site I found could have been his twin. I feel very fortunate to have the company of this beautiful friend.

  6. My Shane is a York chocolate kitty, I just found out tonight for sure! I found him as a kitten at a shelter and just fell in love with the little guy. He was more active and outgoing than his brother who was totally shy and moved very slowly, maybe he was still recovering from being neutered. But he was still that way even after a few weeks. Anyway, Shane is beautiful, has the softest, silkiest fur ever in the world, a plumed tail with a kink at the end, tufted paws, a small white patch on his belly, is intelligent and sweet and is affectionate with me, though on his terms mostly. He’ll lay his head on my leg, but won’t sit in my lap and doesn’t like to be held for more than a few seconds. He doesn’t get along very well with our other kitties, either, sadly, even after 6 years, and 10 years with Ringo, my big tuxedo kitty (he may be a Maine Coon) who I got to keep Shane company while I was at work. They tolerate each other but there are daily squabbles. Love Shane to pieces!

      • Oh, you’re welcome, Michael! Any chance to talk freely about my kitties with others who like to do the same is a real pleasure! 😀 So glad there are so many opportunities to do just that on the web! ;-D

  7. I found this site as I was browsing for pictures of chocolate-brown cats. I adopted Malcolm from the shelter about two months ago, and he certainly fits the York Chocolate description, both in his physique and personality. He was a staff favorite but had been overlooked at the shelter for a month. I was taken with his unique look, and he seemed like he’d be a good pal for my rambunctious tuxedo cat (and he is). Whether he’s a real York or not doesn’t really matter, he won’t be breeding, but it’s nice to find a breed that looks like him. He’s a wonderful cat with a big personality. Here’s a photo of him hanging out with his new brother.

    • Thanks Sara for commenting and showing us your cats. The York Chocolate was created out of random bred cats so Malcolm could well be the sort of cat from which the breed was created. Lovely cat. Nice photograph too.

      Here is your photo a bit lighter so I can see that gorgeous chocolate coat:

      York Chocolate cat

  8. I just discovered that our rescue cat Kiki was very likely to be a Chocolate! He’s almost 2 years old, great hunter and quite a personality. I was so happy to find so many pics of other Chocs and our boy looked like a sibling to many of them. The same very special way to look at you, very open and confident, like they know you like nobody else. Will be happy to share my pics, just have to resize I guess

    • Hi Maria, I’d love to see your cat. He sounds fantastic. Please resize the photos as instructed or if you want email me and I’ll do for you. This is my email address:

      mjbmeister [at] gmail.com

      Yorkie Chocolates have beautiful coats and nice personalities. There are quite a lot of York Choc fans out there 😉

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