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You Can Never Be Careful Enough When You Have a Cat and a Washing Machine — 7 Comments

  1. Loving cats is easy and such a joy; but, keeping them safe is a full time job.
    Years ago, I fostered a mama cat with 4 tiny kittens. One morning, I found the kits in the washer under towels during my frantic search for them.
    Another time, I found 2 of the kits behind the dishwasher.
    ME is right. No machine should start until a head count is completed. Any cabinet containing harmful products needs to be sabotaged. I bungee cord cabinets.
    We consented to the task of caretaking from the get-go. Safety is #1 on the long list of “things to do”.
    At least, it’s my priority; especially with my ferals.
    I will go to any length to protect my cats.

  2. “I think Bobby’s learnt his lesson the hard way. He doesn’t go anywhere near the washer any more – but I’m still very careful and triple check before turning it on.”

    I am sorry this just makes me boil. No the cat did not learn a lesson the hard way. It’s like saying your child learned not to play in the road after being hit by a car.

    Nothing in this house starts unless there is a head count. And it’s as annoying as hell. Because they are both right there and when you turn to check one or both have vanished.
    Rule is if it’s open the cat is probably in it.

    • I completely agree with you. British articles always make things so cutesy sounding (I googled the story after reading this one). While she does seem to be a good cat owner overall, there’s nothing cute about this occasion. He was just 9 months old, accurate to the other story I read. I’m very very glad the cat is okay but this was a disaster in the making. I’m just thankful to God that the cat didn’t pay the price for this!! 60*c is 140*f!

      • She’s doing it the wrong way. You can think you’ve checked to make sure the cat isn’t in there. The only 100% way is to check. Shut the lid or door and then get physical hands on inventory.

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