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You can trap your cat…WITH A CIRCLE on the floor — 13 Comments

  1. I love coming on here you always learn something new! I just think its a territory thing too one whiff of some Chicken and that cat would be out of that circle in a flash! Hence not trapped! 😉

    I didn’t realise that cats also establish a territory in the house as well this has come to light for me with our Foster cat who keeps chasing Alfie upstairs. I think this is because he views downstairs as his territory which oddly he doesn’t mind sharing with our other 2 cats but not poor Alfie 🙁

  2. Hmm I reckon whoever wanted to make that video look authentic had rubbed some catnip in and around that circle, the cat gave the game away by sniffing at it and rolling around on it, as cats do.
    Oh well at least no cat was exploited to make it.

  3. Michael, you are supposed to save your ‘leg pullin’s’ for traditional ‘Leg Pullin'” days, like April 1st…

    …not just any ‘ol Full Moon.

    I am not going to become one of your minions who run around the house chalking (or painting?) circles on the floor while telling my cats to “Stay!”

    Nice try. ain’t gonna bite. I laugh at your good joke, tho…

  4. The circle represents eternity, completeness, oneness with the eternal God, the creator. Cats like circles because they feel protected by their creator. The square is the opposite, it represents man. Man, whom I loath. Man who cannot leave well enough alone, he destroys everything he touches. Leave the animals alone, they were created with claws for a reason. No one does this to me and gets away with it, your day is coming, to all vets who amputate healthy cats…against their will…without a consent form…

    I am a Paw Project spokescat.


    • Hi Cassandra, we follow you on facebook:

      if anyone here would like to also.
      We just love your posts about the evil humans who declaw cats and that they will get their comeuppance one day.
      We are glad to live in England where it has never happened cos our vets know we need our claws to be cats.
      Good luck, one day declawing will be banned there too.
      (with the help of Ruth aka Kattaddorra)

  5. interesting!! will have to try this. . . I know the minute I put a box on the floor, my “kids” are in it. . . I have to agree with you Michael. . . I believe it is a security thing as well. . . ♥♥♥

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