You Can’t Declaw a Micro Pig

You Can’t Declaw a Micro Pig

by Michael (PoC Admin)
(London, UK)

A micro pig. A still image from the video below by This is Genius ITN Extreme.

A micro pig. A still image from the video below by This is Genius ITN Extreme.

I feel that people who declaw cats don't really want to keep cats. What they want is a companion of some sort in addition to or instead of a human companion. That is the bottom line situation.

For these people a cat is nearly right but not quite so they modify the cat. It is obviously ridiculous and completely wrong as we all know. If we are not in denial as millions of people are in the USA (mainly the vets).

If there was a pet that better met the requirements of these people it might save a few cats from being assaulted by a vet.

Well, I would like to introduce the micro pig. These little darlings have everything a person seeking companionship requires including hooves and no claws.

They have been described as the world's most gorgeous pet. The piglets are 8 inches long and weigh about 1.5 kg. Full size they come up to your knee (about 14 inches tall).

And there are an endless stream of benefits for the cat modifiers (I call these people DPs - disconnected people).

First there are no claws. You guys will adore that. They have little hooves instead. Problem fixed at a stroke. A complete fix and nothing to remove. You can't declaw a micro pig.

Then there is the hair. If you are a person who dislikes claws you will probably dislike loose hair everywhere too. Well, these little charmers have soft blonde hair and it doesn't go everywhere. It is not called "fur" as it is more like our hair. Combine that asset with sweet little black spots and it's a WOW.

And they come litter trained too! They are intelligent and really clean. And there's more. No need to buy cat food (and good cat food is not cheap). In the UK they will apparently feed happily on a £10 sack of food that lasts for 4 months. And it doesn't stop there either. Think on. No allergy problems. For all those people who are allergic to cats -- problem solved.

For the technically minded these pigs are a mix of three breeds of pig: Kune Kune, Tamworth and Gloucester Old Spot.

So come on people who want a modified cat, exercise your imagination and try a micro pig instead. You can't declaw a micro pig.

Breeder: Jane Croft (UK), Farm in Christchurch, Cambridgeshire, UK. Price: £650. I couldn't find a website and I am not sure is she ships to the USA. Hey, is there someone in the USA who breeds these cutties..If anyone in the US wants to contact me to research things feel free.

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You Can't Declaw a Micro Pig

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Mar 19, 2010 But
by: Anonymous

Don't people who want a cat period want a companion? A very specific type of companion, someone who can cuddle you at night and who greets you with a little meow.

You can't replace one kind of companion animal with another and believe that the two are equal. That's why we have cat people and dog people.

Dec 15, 2009 Put bunnies on that list
by: Barbara

Completely off topic but re-reading Everycat's post where she mentions a pig bite being more serious than a cat scratch...well at the weekend I was bitten by a rabbit!! And the pain was tremendous! It lasted for ages even though the skin wasn't broken. So I'm sorry but as well as all sharp bits and dangly bits being removed from cats, dogs and micro pigs in the interests of health and safety,those rabbits gnashers are going to have to go!

Well, someone somewhere will have said the same thing and done it too!

Dec 15, 2009 pet 4 the ignorant?
by: dancingfox

De clawing cats, removing voice boxes from dogs to prevent them from barking, cutting puppy dogs ears so they stand erect making the dog look more aggressive...just three of the terrible horrendous and disgusting things human beings do to animals and as rightly stated above not done by people who really love and respect their pets. I feel sorry for the micro pig because they grow up!By the time they reach knee height they will no longer be the sweet little creature that you maybe shared your bed with but a large pig (knee height is big for an animal with such short legs!)More photos of the adult pigs need to be shown and people need to know that pigs can be quite aggressive and extremely destructive at times! That is their nature.I hope people don't get these little piggies just because they are cute...I hope they read up on them and make an informed decision.But of course, the sort of person who will buy this little pig wont be able to read!!!

Oct 29, 2009 ..but they can be abused in many other ways!
by: Everycat

Remember the craze for keeping Pot Bellied Pigs a few years ago? What miserable lives those pigs had, kept inside, unable to express their natural behaviours. How many ended up being eaten? How many ended up being abused, abandoned, relinquished?

Those who believe that animals are there for the sole purpose of entertaining humans would have no problem defanging, devocalising, tranquillising or hobbling these tiny pigs. If people think kittens and cats can exhibit challenging behaviours, then seeing what a pig can get up to would likely blow their minds.

Pigs are magnificent animals, probably 100 times more "destructive" (curious & brave) than kittens and physically very strong for their size. If a pig bites you - you really know about it, pig bites (from bored pigs) would put tiny scratches from cat claws into perspective.

The pro-declaw brigade might say they had their cat mutilated to avoid the risk of their children being scratched - just what would they do to a tiny pig who is capable of biting through a human finger in one juicy, crunchy chomp do? Remove its teeth? Remove its lower jaw and have a PEG tube fitted? There's no end human inventiveness!

I think that instead of finding more animals for humans to keep as pets, we actually need fewer types of animals available to be kept as pets. I'm with Ruth, a competence test for all animal stewards.

Oct 25, 2009 Not so good if you're a micropig
by: Barbara

What a good idea, hooves instead of paws, imagine all the toe ends saved from the clinical waste bags. The bad news for the micropigs is that owners may not surrender them to a shelter, as they do cats, when they do something wrong, but instead when they get bored with them they'll probably kill them and eat them! That's about on a par with how much compassion is shown to some companion animals.

Oct 25, 2009 hope for more comments
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

I've always said anyone who wants a pet of any kind should first be made to sit a competence test ! But that will never happen.

I've posted the link to this blog on our group, hope you get some more comments as it's an unusual topic.

Oct 25, 2009 Agreed
by: Michael

I agree Ruth. People want cats like they want a new kitchen. That is why if they gave some thought to keeping a pig we might save some claws because micro pigs might better fit some people's idea of what they want. Only people who respect the cat or any animal as they are should be allowed to keep them as a companion.

Thanks for the comment.

Oct 25, 2009 Micro pigs
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Well I don't really know what to say, for once I'm almost 'speechless' ha ha

You are right in that people who declaw cats don't want a cat, they want their idea of a cat and they'd be happy if a cat was born without claws.I expect someone is right now experimenting to try to breed clawless cats !

These people who can't accept Nature's own beauty would probably find some fault with these lovely little pigs, maybe even get them 'degrunted' I'm sure some vets would oblige if they could make money from it !

Some people are not fit to have any sort of animal,they just want them as possessions ! Or '
for the baby' as in a declawed cat so the poor creature is akin to a soft toy.Or as a status symbol, such as a pet tiger.

It breaks my heart to think of helpless animals in the power of just anyone who can do almost anything to them,especially the declawing of cats,which is legalised premeditated abuse.

Oct 25, 2009 A Post Script
by: Michael

Some people might say that if this slightly tongue in cheek suggestion was taken up, there would be abandonments and more cats euthanised. Yes, true, initially.

But we must think long term, I believe, and in the long term it would greatly benefit the domestic cat if all people who kept a cat were against declawing.

And if all the people who kept cats were thoughtful enough to reject declawing there would also be better cat care and less abandonments.

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