You don’t want to see this do you? Laser declawing in operation (video)

Declawing cat
Declawing cat
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This is directed at people who have declawed their cat or are planning on doing it.

Well, no one wants to see this video. Funny that. Millions of cat owners instruct their vets to declaw their cat but when a video of the operation is placed on the internet no one wants to look at it. Great. It just goes to show what the whole edifice of declawing is about: vets misleading cat owners into believing declawing is a benign, minor operation and completely acceptable. It ain’t. And cat owners shutting their eyes and minds to the reality of it. It’s horrible and a mutilation times ten (at least).

Please open your eyes and minds. Watch the video and decide to (a) never declaw your cat and (b) spread the word that declawing is cat cruelty for the convenience of cat owners and for the profit of vets.

P.S. I have decided that what we are seeing is laser declawing despite never seeing it before. It can’t be the guillotine so it has to be laser as far as I can tell. Neither is is cutting the tendon.

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