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You Have To Have a Cat Licence in Guelph, Canada — 3 Comments

  1. Interesting concept, but I’m not particularly in favor of it for several reasons. The main one is that this may make people think they don’t need to microchip their cat, which is a huge mistake. Collars with tags can be removed; a microchip is implanted just beneath the skin between the shoulder blades and is there forever. When a cat is lost, say it was stolen and makes its way somewhere else in Canada, that registration program is useless, not to mention if the cat ended up in the USA. Scanners are much more reliable. Also, once a chip is implanted in a cat, the info is there forever, providing it’s kept current. Who’s to say this tagging program doesn’t fall by the wayside when politics get involved or the economy goes awry? Sorry for blathering on, but if I continue to list reasons, I’ll blow up the forum.

    • One more thing about microchipping, scanners these days are universal which means that if a cat is scanned in any of the states or even Canada, the scanner will work and the database can be easily accessed. Plus! One thing that this new Canadian program doesn’t address that scanners already accomplish is that if the cat in question requires long-term meds (hyperthyroidism, cancer, renal disease, etc.), that information is also uploaded to the microchip along with the owners name, phone number and shelter/vet/rescue info where the cat originated. That way, once a lost cat is scanned, the medical info will also come up so whomever is caring for the cat whilst the owners are being located will ensure the cat gets the needed medical attention. So there, Canada!

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