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You have to see this cat. He is called Juno and he’s part Burmese and part Himalayan

Juno – photo: his Instagram account.

Juno is one of those extraordinary domestic cats. You simply will not see another face like his on the Internet. In fact you won’t see a cat anywhere near like this on the Internet. He is unique.

He is featured on Instagram. I have got to say that I don’t see anything remotely like a Burmese or Himalayan cat (long haired Persian) in him except that he has long fur and is ‘pointed’.

He matches no known cat breed! He is a one-off. His hair is exceptionally long, too long in truth as it will need a lot of combing and maintenance from his human guardian. He has a very static face and demeanour. In other words he is laid back. I am wondering if there is a connection between Juno and the late Colonel Meow. They are very similar. They may come from the same breeder.

***Is Juno Colonel Meow’s secret sibling?***

I have no idea how the breeder achieved this look. He looks disappointed, almost angry but I’m sure that is just the way he looks. It is the way his anatomy has been created which gives us a false impression that he is unhappy. It is the same for the other celebrity cats such as Grumpy Cat.

An aspect of this cat’s appearances that it’s easy to anthropomorphise him. His face is almost human. I am reminded of a Russian breeder who creates Maine Coon cats with a similar human appearance.

Juno – photo: his Instagram account.

On his Instragram page he is described as looking like an old man but he’s 44 years of age in human terms which divided by seven makes him a little over six years of age. This is approaching middle age but relatively young.

Juno has 140,000 followers and there are 608 photographs (or videos) of him on his account. His “owner” has several other cats. One of these other cat is a blue British Shorthair. The guardian obviously likes fancy looking cats. Their home is nice too. We don’t know where he lives.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • Seems Michael he has a doppelganger and sadly he died awhile back but his name was 'Colonel Meow' and he lived in Washington state on the West Coast.

    • Yes, Irish he is very similar. I wonder what is going on because to have 2 cats this similar is strange.

      • Colonel Meow: Backstory, From Homelessness to Fame

        Colonel Meow is one of the most famous and recognizable cats in the world today. He has come a long way since being pulled from a kill shelter by a rescue group, and then adopted at Petco by his family.

        Colonel Meow is one of the most famous and recognizable cats in the world today. He has come a long way since being pulled from a kill shelter by a rescue group, and then adopted at Petco by his family.

        This is how and why he passed away so young :O(

        Health complications and death

        In November 2013, Colonel Meow was hospitalized due to heart problems and underwent a difficult surgery and blood transfusion. On January 30, 2014, his owner announced on Facebook that Colonel Meow had died. She also expressed gratitude for the support of his more than 350,000 followers.

        In July 2014, Friskies posted an ad entitled "Cat Summer" and announced that for each view they would donate one meal to needy cats in Colonel Meow's name.

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