You love cats and Christmas so why not buy one of these cat bed presents

With good value prices at around £20 and the same in US dollars in America these Christmas themed cat beds are ideal presents for cat and Christmas lover.

Cat Christmas beds
Cat Christmas beds
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Note: My purpose is not to promote Amazon or the products. I just think they make nice presents for a person or a cat (preferable). I don’t get any commission for this.

Cat generally like Christmas because there is an interesting change to the place with the addition of a Christmas tree which is a great toy for a cat 😉 . That’s a potential problem, yes, but from a cat’s perspective it is not a problem but fun. Wrapping paper is a favourite as we all know.

Although, there are potential dangers at Christmas so the usual precautions need to be taken. I am thinking of small objects and string which a cat can swallow.

Cat proofing the tree

There are some things you can do to avoid one of those disastrous scenes inside the home when your cat climbs the Christmas tree causing chaos.

  1. Fix the tree to the wall! That’s a bit extreme or make the base very heavy.
  2. Try and make sure the tree decorations are firmly fixed to the tree. This may be tricky as well.
  3. Perhaps try hanging the tree decorations higher up the tree to be out of reach for a cat on the ground.
  4. Catnip presents shouldn’t be placed around the base of the tree.
  5. Create an alternative area away from the tree where your cat is encouraged to go at Christmas e.g. with catnip and a climber etc..
  6. If you are very concerned about doing Christmas perfectly with a beautiful tree you might shut your cat out of the living room but that would be terrible wouldn’t it? It wouldn’t be Christmas without your cat nosing around the torn wrapping paper making more of a mess.


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