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You want a chatty cat. Here’s what to do. — 3 Comments

  1. Yeah I have a cat who seems to have some Seychellois in him which is part of the Siamese family. All the same colors (just a little random around the head) including crossed blue eyes and a talkative nature. He even talks to himself. Seriously, when I know he thinks he’s all alone but I can see him, he’ll do that. He’ll pretend like he’s talking to somebody (me) though he knows I’m not there. Anyone elses’ cat do that? And by “talking” I mean “Hmmm” and whiny sounds along with very loud purring. I really need to record these guys. Can anyone recommend a good eyeglass or wearable camera that doesn’t cost a small fortune?

    I also have a calico who I started “talking” to years ago and who will carry on these little “conversations” with me for many minutes at a time, looking straight into my eyes all the while. All we say is “Meh”, but she’s fascinated with it. Me too I guess.

    • Oh and “Callie” does a lot of “eh” sounds, mouth wide open. What kinds of sounds do other people’s cats make?

    • Maybe you should record them and do an article about your cats’ chats because I would enjoy it. WordPress allows 8 megabyte audio recordings to be uploaded direct to the site. I could do it for you. I can imagine you talking to your cats. It is good I am sure.

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