You want your fabrics to smell like your cat. Here’s how

You love the smell of your domestic cat companion. I can understand because it is a damn nice smell, which is why we kiss our cats and bury our heads into their fur all the time.

Fragrance spray to make your fabrics smell like your cat
Fragrance spray to make your fabrics smell like your cat. Photo in the public domain.
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In Japan, Yamamoto Perfumery, has decided that there are enough cat owners or otherwise who’d like to extend the smell of their cat to other items in their home such as fabrics and have created a spray fragrance called, ‘Fluffy Forehead Fragrance Fabric Water’. A mouthful of a name. On the bottle it is called ‘Moho Mohu Odeko no Kaori Fabric Water’.

It is a 100-millilitre (3.4-ounce) bottle of fabric water. It costs 1,293 yen (US$10.60).

The company conducted a survey and participants decided that cats smell like ‘sunshine; or a ‘futon that’s been dried in the sun’ or ‘sweet bread’.

The head of the company is seen in the picture doing a sniff test! He took it very seriously in getting it right. There was four months of testing. tell us that the scent has been described as sweet and aromatic.

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