Young girl hugs and sings to ginger tabby cat

Young girl sings to ginger tabby
Young girl sings to ginger tabby
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This is the height of what is nice in the world. It is the opposite to what is nasty (to much nasty stuff). The video shows us an innocent girl singing a lullaby to her ginger tabby cat friend who is completely content and relaxed. It doesn’t get sweeter and it shows us how young children can have great relationships with companion animals which is very beneficial to both. It’s apparent to me that this young girl knows a bit about domestic cat behaviour. She knows that her cat is enjoying her soft voice and gentle petting of the cat’s forehead.

The video has been seen millions of times. I am not surprised. I’m sure that most people have already seen it but I could not resist embedding it on this website because it’s nice to have something really pleasant to look at in the cat world. There is a little too much unpleasantness in cat rescue by which I mean the reason why cats need rescuing. On the other side of the coin the people doing the rescuing are very good and there are some wonderful stories.

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