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Young Oriental Shorthair with huge bat ears

Mad looking Oriental Shorthair young cat with bat ears

Well, what can you say? The ears are weird. I know that the breed standard for the Oriental Shorthair insists on large ears but this looks odd but admittedly the cat is young so the ears may look smaller relative to the body when the cat grows up.

“EARS: strikingly large, pointed, wide at the base, continuing the lines of the wedge.” – CFA BREED STANDARD FOR ORIENTAL SH.

I wonder it this cat is in violation of the standard because the bottom edge of the ears are a strange shape. They are not straight or gently curving. The breed standard does say, ‘continuing the lines of the wedge’. This cat looks like he has a dark chocolate brown coat.

I am sorry but I don’t know who took the photo or who the cat belongs to. The picture is on Twitter. I regard those photos as in the public domain.


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