Young rescue cat spent quality time with foster carer before passing with cardiac arrest

This is a bittersweet story from Alley Cat Allies. According to their Facebook page, Thomas was rescued in early December 2019. He was being looked after by a foster carer who you can see in the picture below as she cuddles him. He appears to be missing his right eye.

Photo: Thomas’s foster carer (believed).
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Young Thomas – he was under six-months-of-age – spent a happy time over Christmas. Suddenly after the holiday season he had to be rushed to an ER vet where they performed CPR. But he died of cardiac arrest. It is believed that he was born with a heart defect.

Alley Cat Allies so rightly say that:

We are so thankful that he had a wonderful loving foster over the holidays and received so much love and attention.

He found love during his short life. That’s the important point to take from this. It must have been a tough start for him. I see redemption in the story. Initially there was human failure. All cats who need to be rescued are examples of humane failure, either through misfortune, carelessness or wanton negligence and neglect. And then love is showered on him by good people in a redeeming act of compassion. If the rainbow bridge exists, he has passed over it to a better place where the love he received continues.

It is a really nice photograph of warmth, which projects love. It could be a selfie with the foster carer’s left hand holding the smartphone. It is a nice job, if it is.


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